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Top 8 Products at the 2nd BIMP-EAGA and IMG-GT Trade Fair

Top 8 Products at the 2nd BIMP-EAGA and IMG-GT Trade Fair

If you’re following me on Twitter, Instagram, or friends with me on Facebook you’ll surely get my updates on your news feed about my trip to Davao Philippines for the 2nd BIMP-EAGA and IMG-GT.

One of their side events is the BIMP-EAGA and IMG-GT Trade Fair wherein (trader) participants are free to present their products to the event visitors/attendees. Plus, I get the chance to partner up with locals in other countries (like the Philippines) who are interested and wants to distribute and sell their products in their country or area.

With that, I got the chance to meet different business owners and product creators from ASEAN countries, specifically Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, and of course the Philippines. The best thing about it is that I was able to try the products too! And buy the products that I love!

Let me share with you the top MY list of top products that I’ve found at the 2nd BIMP-EAGA and IMG-GT which are:

Vigory Chocolatier 

Vigory Chocolatier

THC Cholate Sdn Bhd
No. 101, Jalan Tun Tan Check Lock 75200, Melaka Malaysia

I’d say this is the top product that I’d say everyone must try and a must buy, especially if you’re a chocolate lover. I love chocolate and this chocolate is really delicious even when I’ve just tasted one small Milk Chocolate. I really wanted to buy more than one but due to some circumstances, they’re not allowed to sell their products on the first few days, but they were allowed on the last day.

Thanks to Mohd Faizullizam Zamani for reserving a bottle for me and my friend, and sending it to my friend’s room. I wish to have more but he said, there will be one soon here in the Philippines since they’ve finally found a distributor here in the Philippines.

I’d totally say that you should try this, it’s a chocolate, with nuts (e.g. hazel, almonds, etc.) and not that really sweet – and that’ why my Mama loves it so much.

Superpower Grape Seed 

Superpower Grape Seed

No. 3A, Ground Floor, Jalan Bukit Puteri 9/13, Bandar Puteri Jaya, Taipan Square, 0800 Sungai Petani, Kedah Malaysia

I’ve been including Welch’s grape juice since I started my workout since I found out the health benefits of grapes. When I saw the logo, the product, it interests me right away and I wish I could buy it for me and my Mama but my pocket money was not enough anymore – because I’ve done too much shopping at the trade fair.

Nurul  Ashirah, the Managing Director of the Super Power Grape Seed let me try the spray and sprayed it on one of my hands. Right away, I spread it and just few seconds my hands are really soft and moisturized – which is ideal for me, because I have eczema.

Philippine Bags

Philippine Bags

Sadly, I don’t have the contact info for these beautiful bags, I don’t even know the prize or who made it. It was totally just a display, so sadly I can only show this off to you.

Koko Minda 

Philippine Bags

Lot 28 & 30, Jalan EP9, Melaka Halal Hub, Serkam Darat, 77300 Merlimau, Melaka Malaysia

The word “Koko” itself can mean Chocolate, and again I love chocolates and this is a really good chocolate drink. Plus, it is not just your ordinary chocolate drink, it is a drink that helps to enhance intelligence, gives more energy to the body, and of course helps you to be healthier.

I wasn’t able to take home a box because the price is a bit higher than my budget but it’s really delicious and a must try.

Kopi Luwak Malino 

JL Sultan Hasanduddin No. 88 Malino Kab. Gowa Sulawesi Selatan, Indonesia

I actually just bought 2 sachets for my Mama since she’s the one who likes coffees like these, I love instant coffees and happy with the coffees at Bo’s, Starbucks, and Coffee Bean but my Mama said the coffee is really good that she rate it with 4 stars out of 5. A cup of coffee just needs a spoon of the coffee, if you wish to add a milk, sugar, or creamer then you can do so.

The coffee is a bit expensive though but then again, it’s worth it.

Thailand's Angus Beef Patty

Thailand's Angus Beef Patty

Who doesn’t love burgers? I didn’t get a flyer since it’s not in English but I did tried it myself. The patty alone is good, how much more if you’ll make it a burger. Right? They were not there on the last day, I didn’t get any flyer or card, so I don’t have any info that I can share with you guys. Sorry!

Master Chef Oat Cereal Drink

Master Chef Oat Cereal Drink

Lagenda Utara Sdn. Bhd.
No. 73, Ground Floor, Jalan Legend Height 08000 Sungal Petani Kedah Malaysia

I actually bought 2 packs (with 15 sachets per pack), because it’s affordable and delicious, and I think my nieces would love this and I would love to take one every day.
This drink have no cholesterol, with beta-glucan, protein, vitamin B1, and nutritious rock salt which is also good for digestion and very nutritious.

Muhibah Corn Oil

Muhibah Corn Oil

Muhibah Palm Products Sdn Bhd.
No. 1B, Jelan Sungai Burung X, 32/X, Bukit Rimau 40460 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan Malaysia

I’m not really into cooking, but my Mama is. I asked her about the corn oil, and she said it’s expensive here in the Philippines and it’s a good product – and that if I could buy one I should have it.

These guys actually cooked a corn using their corn oil, and I’ve been eating a lot of corn since I transferred to a new home – because there’s a guy here who sells cooked corn. And I’d say the corn that they cooked using their corn oil was a lot more delicious and bring out its flavor more.

Again, please take note that these top products here are my personal choices, most of them are the ones who actually entertained me when I stopped in front of their cubicle (yes, some just don’t offer me something or they just look at me), some also gave a free taste or product testers so we could try out their products – which is good, so that if we love it we can partner up with them or buy their products.

Actually, there are other great products at the trade fair, like the clothes, bags from Indonesia, leather jackets and bags, beauty products (e..g whitening products, lotion, shampoo, conditioners), local delicacies or food in their countries, etc.

If you went to the 2nd BIMP-EAGA and IMG-GT trade fair and have your personal favorites, please do feel free to share it with us here on the blog.

Also, I’d like to grab this opportunity to give my big thanks to MinDa for inviting Exotic Philippines at the 2nd BIMP-EAGA and IMG-GT in Davao Philippines.

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