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5 Useful Travel App for Your Chrome Browser

5 Useful Travel App for Your Chrome Browser

I've been using Google Chrome for a long time and I love everything about it. Still, there are people who don't like it I know but I do also have Firefox and explorer on my computer but I usually use Chrome.

So to for fellow Chrome lovers like me and that who loves to travel you might find these Chrome Apps I found and some I do personally use, be useful for your lifestyle. But before all that, you might also have heard about the Chrome Extension so what's the difference between Apps and Extension?

Chrome Extension

I don't want to fill you in with techie words, so I think I might just show you the difference. 

Chrome Extension

So the Chrome Extension simply shows up on your browser upper right corner. Usually, the extension will be used on each and every websites you visit. Just like the Page Rank checker, I need that extension for work since I'm a SEO expert. So every website I visit the page rank show up, this also means that it also eats up your computer speed and tasks for Chrome and your computer.

Chrome Apps

On the other hand, Chrome Apps shows up when you open a new tab just like below.

Chrome Apps

I'm not sure if it also eats up your computer memory and speed though. But every time you open up a new tab you get all the list of your apps. Then when you click on their app icon then you'll be redirected right away to the site or the app created. So if I click on the GMAIL icon, I don't have to type anymore which is also the same with the YouTube, Hootsuite, etc.

So let's go for my list of 5 Useful Travel App for your Chrome browser and which are the following:

Exotic Philippines Hotel Search and Comparison
Website Chrome App

As we all know we have a hotel search and comparison blog feature here in Exotic Philippines. So I created a Chrome app so that everyone will get an easy and fast access so that they could book their stay and get the best deal.

We have Expedia, Travelocity and other booking sites. I know it's frustrating when we have to search on each of the site and compare if which one gives you the best deal. With the Exotic Philippines Hotel Search and Comparison website you'll be able to get the booking price for the hotels from top booking sites, then of course get to compare all the offered booking price on one page and no hassle for you.

Another feature that most of the users of this site loved is that how easy it is to search for hotels according to their budget, preferred location (e.g. near the airport), etc. Then of course you get the best deal from different famous sites in one place.

Click Here to Visit the EP Hotel Search & Comparison Website.

TouristEye Planner

TouristEye Planner

TouristEye is a trip planner that you can use on your Chrome browser or even on your Android or iPhone. So you can actually carry your travel trip plan with you.

A map is also available to show you the locations and your destination. You could also add locations yourself that you can share with everyone using the TouristEye, let them have an insight of your trip and also experience what you just did experience.

With their feature of letting you add some notes like where to eat, what to buy, etc. you can totally make use of this app. Add bookings and events that you have or want to have, tours, itineraries, shopping and many more. Another plus is that you could then export your travel plan to PDF and then print it or save your copy in your phone or computer, and oh! you could also upload it on your Google Drive.



Stopango is a 5 star rated chrome app that gives you a timetable in real time for available transportation in the area that you are at. It is also available for your mobile of course, which is also a plus for travelers and business travelers who always have their gadgets with them, especially on a travel.

You can have add routes, stops, favorites, your own timetables and they also have a radar along with the app for you that lets you be aware of events near your location. Also, you can add photos, send or have accident reports, traffic and many more that can have the interest of many people.



4sqmap is similar to TouristEye but since a lot of people love to use Foursquare you might also take the benefit of using 4sqmap since a lot of people from around the world updates Foursquare.

Of course, with it you'll get the locations of your friends on the map,venues, events, leader board and of course let's not forget the badges.


Travel Math

Lastly, here's Travel Math that calculates your travel distance, time, location, time difference and more. Which is totally useful for travelers, may it be distance by drive and a lot more.

This is for the Chrome browser and not for your Android or iPhone but as mentioned few of the apps above is available for your gadgets so feel free to look them up. Don't forget to also grab the Exotic Philippines Hotel Search and Comparison site chrome app, I'll try to make one for your phones but I'm also working on other projects for the blog and other blog. 


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