5 Best Beaches of El Nido

El Nido and its glorious beaches have been attracting tourists from all across the world for many years now. Tourists and travelers take advantage of Manila to El Nido flight tickets and explore the picturesque islands and surrounding sceneries. There is a lot to explore and see here both under the sea and on the land.

El Nido is world-famous for its breathtakingly beautiful beaches. With so many beautiful beaches, it sure is not easy to decide which ones to leave and which ones to go. However, there are some beaches that should not be missed out. Go ahead and book cheap Jetstar flight tickets to reach El Nido and explore those beaches.
5 Best Beaches of El Nido Palawan Exotic Philippines Travel Blog G Dumaguing travel blogger Cebu

Here are some of the best beaches in El Nido and you must visit all of them.

#1 Lio Beach

The Lio Beach is sure to take you by surprise. The white-sand beach offers you complete privacy and those moments of solitude. The wide beach and vast stretch of coastline indeed create a unique vibe here. There are some quirky shops along the beach from where you can pick stylish clothing and souvenirs. The beautiful waters and the scenic view of Islands indeed make you feel like you are in a paradise.

#2 Nacpan Beach

Another incredible beach of El Nido is Nacpan Beach, and it is one of the favorites among the locals and the tourists because of its secluded nature and powdery white sands that are fringed by beautiful coconut palm trees. Enjoy the mellow atmosphere of the incredible, golden-hued beach. However, the beach tends to get crowded during the high season. Sunsets are the best here, and you can enjoy those amazing views every day. It is a perfect hideaway made of white sand and blue water.  Those hundreds of palm trees add the freshness and greenery to the beach.

#3 Las Cabanas Beach

Las Cabanas Beach is best known for the most beautiful sunsets. And it indeed gets magical by the end of the day when the skies turn pink and fiery. Soft music plays in the background at those many bars scattered across, and you can enjoy the views and the moments with a drink in your hand. During the day you can enjoy beach activities or simply relax or go for the Las Cabanas zipline for loads of fun or go for a refreshing swim.

#4 Duli Beach

The jungle-backed stretch of golden Duli Beach indeed makes it incredibly beautiful. It is highly popular among the surfing community and is relatively uncrowded because of its remote location. It is undoubtedly, a great experience to visit the enormous beach, which is nothing short of being a paradise. It is hard to keep away from those white sands with palm trees and the clear blue waters. The gorgeous white beach is also a nesting place for sea turtles.

#5 Corong-Corong

Corong-Corong is a peaceful and quiet beach close to El Nido town. Although the beach is mostly covered by tide during the day, however during the low tide, the wide stretch of sand appears from the shallow waters. It may not be as attractive as other beaches but it is a great spot to relax and chill with your friends. You can read a book, play volleyball, or simply sit and watch the sunset. It is like a hidden paradise, and from here you can enjoy the best views on Palawan Island.

While there could be more beaches added to the list, the above listed are a must-see for all those on a trip to El Nido.

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