9 FAQ on Airline Carry-on Bags Answered

Ever since I’ve made the First Time Flyer Guide in Philippines airport blog post and also video that I’ve shared in my YouTube channel, I’ve got a number of questions about bags. May it be carry-on bags or checked in bags, some people need help in clarifying all about it. So I decided to answer their frequently asked questions.

I made a video answering the most commonly asked questions about carry-on bags on airlines and airports but do note that I can only speak of my trips here in the Philippines, since as your Philippines travel blogger I’ve been just flying around the country as of the moment and don’t have my own experience flying internationally – though I did fly out when I was 10, but that’s my parents taking care of the entire trip.

9 FAQ on Airline Carry-on Bags Answered

Frequently Asked Questions on Carry-on Bags

There might be questions that I’ve missed but let me know and leave it as a comment and I’ll try to make a 2 version or continuation of this, so make sure you’re subscribe to my channel so you’ll be updated with what I share. But in this video I answer the most common questions that my viewers ask me, and they are:

2:04 - What is a Carry on Bag?
2:16 - What's my Carry on Bag?
2:45 - Can I bring other bags other than my Carry on Bag?
2:52 - What bag should I not check in?
3:49 - What's the carry on baggage size in the philippines?
3:58 - What's the maximum carry on baggage weight in the philippines?
4:25 - What things should I not have inside my carry on baggage?
5:24 - Can I bring liquids in my carry on bag like drinking water?
6:50 - Should I have a lock for my carry on baggage?

If you have a questions about carry-on bags in the Philippines please don’t hesitate to ask through the comments section below of this Philippines travel blog.

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