Temple of Leah - A Little Piece of Greece in Cebu

Have you ever dreamed about going to Greece? Or maybe have a photoshoot in a place that you’ll be like in Greece, but actually you’re just not that far? Well, then come to Cebu Philippines and visit the Temple of Leah!

You might have heard about this place, seen it on social media, on your friend’s timeline or maybe seen it somewhere. But first off, let me clarify that this temple is not a place of worship, a number of foreigners thought that it is where Cebuano worship Leah.

Temple of Leah is a dedication to a mother and wife of a Cebuano, he love his wife so much and still love her that much that he have this temple built on top of a mountain, overseeing the city of Cebu!

Temple of Leah - A Little Piece of Greece in Cebu

Inside the temple there in the middle a statue of Leah Adarna, and below her there’s a plate with these words:
LEAH V. ALBINO - ADARNA was chosen Matron Queen of her Alma Mater, the University of Southern Philippines. This nine-foot bronze statue portrays her composure and regal bearing when she was crowned. May the beholder discern her innate beauty, poise and genteelness.
Temple of Leah - A Little Piece of Greece in Cebu philippines travel vlogger vlog blogger g dumaguing

If you want to know how and what it is like to be in the Temple of Leah of Cebu, I was able to vlog about my experience there. As your Cebu blogger I think I should give you guys the information that I can get for you, so join me in that experience:

Temple of Leah Fees and Rates

Entrance Fee (as of August 2017) : P50
*FREE for Senior Citizens and Children below 10 years old

Pictorial Rates:
1 - 3 hours = P 2,500
3 - 6 hours = P 5,000
6 - 9 hours = P 7,500

How to Get to Temple of Leah?

Temple of Leah is located in Busay of Cebu city. It is still part of Cebu city but it’s about 30 minutes away from IT park. Here are ways to get there.

  • Habal-habal. Just go to JY square, and there are a number of men waiting there and offering to bring you to places in Busay like the Temple of Leah. I’ve asked one of them, and they charge P70 one way if you’ll go to Temple of Leah. But of course if you’re going to Temple of Leah, do visit the other tourist spots in Busay Cebu too, there are some nearby great spots for you to check out like the Sirao Flower farm, Tops Lookout, Terrazas de Flores, etc.
  • Shuttle Van. Go To Tops offers a shuttle service to the 4 tourist spots which one of them is the Temple of Leah. Check the Go to Tops fan page to find out more about their service. We actually used this since it’s more comfortable and safe, and they got me in air-conditioned. Their shuttle is parked in Jollibee in JY Square.
  • Private Car. You can hire a car rental company like Cebu Trip Rent a Car, or if you know a friend who has a car, then go for it.
  • Taxi. There are taxi’s who are open for “pakyawan” to Busay. I am not sure how much is their rate though but it will probably cost around P400 above.

If you’ve got any questions and if there’s anything that I’ve missed in this blog post about this beautiful place, please leave it as a comment below.

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