4 Things to Look for in Serviced Apartments in East Melbourne

Deciding to stay in a serviced apartment in East Melbourne over a hotel is a wise decision that will save you money and provide you with extra space and comfort that you won’t find elsewhere. However, not all apartments are built the same. For the same price, you might find one that has much more space, another with better views, and a third with neither of these things but a better quality kitchen. This article lists some things you should look out for to help ensure you choose the best apartment for your stay.


The most basic criterion for a serviced apartment in East Melbourne is cleanliness. You want to be able to walk into a space that feels clean and hygienic so you can relax and be comfortable. A messy or dirty room is not only enough to make you uncomfortable, but can also be damaging to your health. Breathing in bad bacteria and other dust mites or allergens can be extremely bad for you and cause respiratory issues or other problems, including cold and flu. If the room hasn’t been cleaned to a high enough standard, the spread of cold, flu, lice and other contagious illnesses can be encouraged.

4 Things to Look for in Serviced Apartments in East Melbourne

For your own health and safety, the serviced apartments in East Melbourne that you choose should maintain the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness. You might like to ask before booking to find out how frequently and how thoroughly rooms are cleaned.


Travelling requires setting a budget ahead of time and knowing what you will spend and where. Serviced apartments in East Melbourne are quite a cost-effective option regardless, but the prices can differ quite significantly. Look for somewhere that meets your basic needs and start comparing prices.
Consider whether you need the top level views or if that’s a waste of your money. Each apartment will also come with its own features and advantages, so set your budget and then weigh up what you can get from each available option.

What’s Nearby?

Searching for the right serviced apartment means having a look at what’s nearby and how close to the shops and eateries you are, as well as public transport options. When staying in serviced apartments in East Melbourne, it will likely be important to you to be within walking distance of the things you will need to use often. This can include things like supermarkets, cafes, restaurants and liquor shops. East Melbourne also has a large number of tram stops, stations and other public transport options if you intend on exploring more of the city.

Other Features

Have a look at the other features available in your serviced apartment in East Melbourne. These can include additional security such as CCTV as well as a security foyer and a hotline to call if any issues arise. If you intend on staying for a week or longer, storage might be important to you, as might laundry facilities. Having somewhere to clean your clothes can be very useful during extended stays.

Depending on the time of year, have a look at whether you need heating or air conditioning in the apartment and whether it’s spread through the entire apartment or just one room.

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