3D/2N at Villa Kalachuchi Bed and Breakfast in Puerto Princesa City

If you are looking for a place to stay in Puerto Princesa City that is near to the airport, yet private, and with swimming pool, then you might want to check out this place.

We were looking for those things too when we were looking for a place to stay, since we don’t want to be too far away from the airport since we’ll be arriving late at night – thanks to the flight time changes.

To be honest we’re not supposed to be staying at this place, but because Cebu Pacific Airlines changed the time of our flight, we request to change the date too since if we’ll go on that same date our days in Puerto Princesa will feel not enough – and my decision was right!

Villa Kalachuchi bed and breakfast in Puerto Princesa City Palawan near airport exotic philippines travel blog blogger hotel review with swimming pool

Villa Kalachuchi Bed and Breakfast

* Very Private
* With Swimming Pool
* Bikes available for rent (FREE)
* Well designed Vila
* Near the Puerto Princesa Airport

* Somewhat like a Curfew
* No TV in room
* Not much of tricycle around

Villa Kalachuchi Bed and Breakfast is still new, but the place have been around for years already. It’s actually a family home, they just added some villas and welcomed guests to stay at their 2 private villas.

Yes, you won’t be on the same building with the family, you’ll have your own private place. Big private fully air-conditioned room, private toilet room, private bathroom, and all.

But why they named in Villa Kalachuchi? That’s the first thing I asked to the owner and husband, and he said it’s because they have 9 different kinds of Kalachuchi within the place.

It is about 5 minutes away from the airport. But since it’s new not all tricycle drivers know about this place. Just tell them that it’s along the road of Manalo Extension, nearby Acacia Tree Gardens and Island Divers, the road going to Princesa Garden Island Resort and Spa – fair is Php100.00 from the airport.

I’m sharing you this information because I told our driver it’s near Captain Ribs, and it was a mistake. They’re on the same road but they’re on the other side. Then on your right, just look for this sign below.

Villa Kalachuchi bed and breakfast in Puerto Princesa City Palawan near airport exotic philippines travel blog blogger hotel review

I can also confirm that their location on Google maps is right.

I was excited to stay at Villa Kalachuchi, not only because of the photos I saw but also because for the price they offer for that private villa, it is cheap. I mean, I live in an island resort, an island with a lot of resorts and their villas are like my 1 month salary but at Villa Kalachuchi their room rate is within the range of the average accommodations here in the Philippines.

I’ll go into details about the Villa Kalachuchi below but let’s go for a room or place tour first, shall we? I’ve made vlog about the Villa Kalachuchi, roaming around the place and showing you around. I didn’t give any review of the place there since this blog post will be it. If you want to get a virtual tour, then watch this vlog!


The Hotel Rooms

There are only 2 villas available in Villa Kalachuchi, all rooms have 1 queen sized bed, split type (really cold) air-conditioner, 4 big pillows, and side lamps attached to the wall.

Villa Kalachuchi bed and breakfast in Puerto Princesa City Palawan near airport exotic philippines travel blog blogger hotel review with swimming pool

I actually love the design of the entire villa, it’s like the villa that I may want to have if I have my own lot near the beach, or even not on the beach. It’s so simple yet very pleasing.

The blanket is not that thick, no comforter too but I don’t mind. My blanket at home is not really thick so I’m pretty cool with the bed setup. Both Channel and I actually was knocked out on the bed when we got back there from the Underground River tour, and woke up at 10pm. Channel even lay down the floor and almost fall asleep there.

The Hotel Bathroom

I am actually confused what to call this area, but let’s generally call it bathroom.

Again, I still love the design of this whole area. From the simple closet, to the toilet room, and the shower area. I actually told Channel that this might be the place that I’ve dreamed about to have because the whole thing is so simple but just what you need.

Villa Kalachuchi bed and breakfast in Puerto Princesa City Palawan near airport exotic philippines travel blog blogger hotel review outdoor shower

The challenging part for everyone who’s not used to showing some skin is probably the shower. I was staring at it for almost an hour if I should shower, now thinking twice in taking a bath. One, because it’s open, it’s outside, and second it was like 5am, I’m cold and take a bath outside naked? But to my surprise, the shower was actually hot shower. So, my love for the hot shower took over, and the sound of the birds watching me taking a bath naked outside actually sooths me – weird right?

But if you want to stay here, do it! Try something new from time to time, it will surprise you.

The Breakfast

First off, I am not aware that their breakfast is French style. I am aware that the wife is a French, but I didn’t know that the breakfast included in the stay will also be French.

Villa Kalachuchi bed and breakfast in Puerto Princesa City Palawan near airport exotic philippines travel blog blogger hotel review french breakfast included

I am not complaining. Ever since I’ve been controlling what I eat, and been to these accommodations that offers a different kind of breakfast – in Caalan Resort in El Nido, it was western. I started to develop this taste that I don’t like to eat heavy for breakfast. I do eat rice but what goes along with it is usually light, like just egg, hotdog, bacon, or just corned beef. I also sometimes prefer eating cereals than eating Filipino dishes like Kaldereta for breakfast – yes, because it’s what usually left the other day.

What is French style breakfast? Simple, bread, coffee, some butter, and jelly. The bread is by the way, you guess it! French bread!

Thank God their staff, Jean asked me if I want eggs for breakfast, and if I want to have 2.

Exotic Philippines Hotel Ratings

As for our rating for Villa Kalachuchi, I’d love to give them 5 stars because other than the details below I have nothing to complain. But I’ll give them 4 stars here in the blog, which is to be honest high by the way.

Because Villa Kalachuchi is not a hotel, not a place with a staff and guard that can entertain you 24/67, it’s a residence, it is expected that they’ll have of what I call curfew – please note that I am only calling it this, they didn’t call it like that. But it’s pretty understandable.

Unless you left earlier than 10pm, and will get back late, just inform them – because they’ll wait for you to come back. But once all their guests are in the place, they’ll close up. Which what happened to me and Channel, we fall asleep from about 5pm and woke up around 9:30pm because we’re both hungry.

Then when we’re about to open the gate, the gate is locked. I didn’t try to wake up anyone to open the gate (but Channel tried to), because I know the restaurants are closing by that time. I have no idea where to get some food and there’s not much of tricycles passing by the area. Luckily, I have some chocolates, biscuits and I hoard some water. So we made it to the morning!

This is not one of the reasons why I am just giving them 4 stars by the way, because I totally understand it. I’m just sharing this with you, so you’ll be aware and won’t make the same mistake we did, which is thinking that Puerto Princesa will still have an open place to eat at, at 10pm – they’re a city, but still like a province.

Villa Kalachuchi Bed and Breakfast is ideal for those people who wants a private and quiet place to stay at. The idea of having no TV in the room, but you can watch the TV on the family’s leaving room – if I have the information right. But, we didn’t even have the time to watch the TV, because we’re all knocked out every time we’re at the place. It’s so quiet there, and it makes you relax.

Villa Kalachuchi bed and breakfast in Puerto Princesa City Palawan near airport exotic philippines travel blog blogger hotel review garden area and swimming pool

And by the way, the owners also have kids, but they’re so nice, they even greeted us when we arrived from the tour and in the morning. Great kids!

So why I deducted 1 star?

I deducted 0.5 stars for the internet. They do have an internet, they provided us the password, but I’m not sure why in our room we couldn’t make a connection the internet world, so we used our data instead. And as someone who needs to be online every day, this is important for me. But this issue can totally be resolved, unless their provider is actually slow.

Another 0.5 for the breakfast. Not really a big issue for me, I actually want to give them 4.5 stars and not just complain about the breakfast because I’m good with the French breakfast, but for the Filipino readers I have here, who can’t live without a rice in each meal, then this might be an issue for you. But then again, this can be solved if you’re like me who’s good with a light breakfast or them by giving the guests an option on what they want to eat for breakfast – which is what other place like this have done.

The cons I've stated above can be solved, as for the tricycle their staff can help you call for a tricycle but what we did is saved a tricycle driver's number and just texted him when we want to go out and where.

Still, if you ask me if I can recommend this place for you. TOTALLY! You’ll love your stay here. We actually took our time here before we left the place. We left around 12noon just to savor the life here. You might love Villa Kalachuchi too!

Villa Kalachuchi Bed and Breakfast

Facebook: Villa Kalachuchi B&B
Interior Manalo Extension, Barangay Bancao-Bancao,
Puerto Princesa City, Palawan
Mobile: 0939-246-6398

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