3 Top Coffee Countries

There are thousands of different coffees, methods of production, and the addition of various sugars, flavours and Monin syrups would make this a varied and memorable experience, with no two mugs of coffee ever ever tasting the same.

Hopefully, this list will get some of my fellow coffee drinkers to experiment and visit some of these coffee loving countries on the list.

Seattle United States

Some coffee aficionados look down their nose at Seattle, simply because it is the home to a well known main stream worldwide coffee brand. The reality is that Seattle is rammed full with many other independent coffee shops and cafes, and recently Seattle was awarded the big prize by Travel and Leisure as the best city for coffee in the US.

Rome Italy

Italians are known all over the world for their passionate love for good food and wine, and when it comes to making coffee that passion is just as strong. Around Rome, you’ll find amazing coffee shops, specializing in expressos of the highest quality around every corner.

London United Kingdom

Because for a ling time coffee was illegal in England London was a little late to the indie coffee scene, but recently East London has been changing that. Not only can you visit the famous sights and sounds of this wonderful old city such as the houses of parliament (Where coffee was once banned from the UK), but they now have some of the best independent coffee bars in the world.

Photo by: mapichai

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