Moalboal Sardine Run and Sea Turtle

To be honest, before this day I’ve only visited Moalboal once, and just went there to watch the waves and eat at one of the known restaurants there. That’s it. I was not that impressed by it at all, it’s starting to be like Boracay, and it’s not that really nice – but I was wrong.

For my second time visit in Moalboal here in Cebu Philippines, I was sent by one of the travel agency in Cebu to try their island hopping to shoot some videos and take photos – and I didn’t say no because I can share it to you guys and serve as your Cebu travel blogger informant about it. (I know, I sound like in a crime TV show, been watching a lot of it lately. Sorry)

I didn’t expect a lot. Didn’t want to expect too much. Being been to El Nido Palawan, Coron Palawan, Bohol, and even Boracay and I know what it looks like outside and it doesn’t really please me or shock me, but don’t let that fool you about Moalboal. The beauty of Moalboal is not what you see outside, but what’s below those waves, and beyond what you can see with your eyes.

We first went to Pescador island, a very tiny island surrounded with corals and beautiful fishes. Because we’re there late afternoon and the waves started to get strong we went back to the Moalboal shore – there supposedly to be another island to visit.

I was wondering at first why the boatman and the kids along with us said just jump off the boat. So, I did. What I’ve seen? Watch this video!

The saying “Don’t judge the book by it’s cover” is really true, Moalboal proves it. Moalboal may be too ordinary outside, but below it is beautiful. Something you want to go back to and just go deeper, it’s no wonder a lot of divers go there to just go down there and just chill with the creatures below.

Here's something I'd like to ask you though. If you're planning to visit Moalboal because of what you saw in the video blog I've made for you to really see what the place can offer. If you're going to see the sea turtles please DO NOT RIDE or in any way harm them. I've heard that there are some that makes fun of these beautiful and gentle creatures. They're totally cute to look at but please respect the creatures. In this way, they keep coming back and would love to swim with the people.

Also, the beach is entrance fee FREE, but it doesn't mean you can loiter. The place is just cool, chill. But don't abuse it.

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