Snorkeling at the Tiny Pescador Island

Pescador island is one of the islands you’ll be visiting when you’re up for the island hopping tour in Moalboal. Sadly, because of the lack of time this is the only island we’re able to hop to, but totally enjoyed it.

The island is so tiny that you can actually just walk around and finish roaming the island in less than 30 minutes – but climbing it will be hard especially if it’s low tide. Still there are fishes and huge corals around the island and what’s great about the Pescador island of Moalboal Cebu is that if you’re early and lucky, you’ll be able to watch some dolphins too entertaining you for FREE!!!

Other than snorkeling around the island, you could totally go cliff jumping in the island. I didn’t do it but the kids who were with us as our guide and boat men, they’re totally game and very used with it that my good friend and fellow blogger Emjae did it too!

I actually have a video blog (vlog) about our visit in the Pescador island and you can watch here!

As a Cebu blogger I’m so lucky living in the island where I have lots of activities that I can do that I totally loved about. From water activities, to the land like hiking or just plainly road trips, even adventures. Cebu is rich with a number of things to do and beautiful areas to see and discover, yet there are some areas that still to be discovered.

I’m planning to go back in Moalboal – probably next year. I want to experience the complete island hopping in Moalboal and revisit the tiny Pescador island. Probably do some scuba diving too.

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