How to Go to Baguio City? (Via Clark)

I am from Cebu, so I have to fly from Cebu to Manila first. But we didn’t choose to fly in NAIA since that airport is too busy, and comparing to Clark Airport, it’s further away from Baguio. Going back to Cebu, we also flew from Clark Airport and I say, it’s highly recommended if you’re not from Manila.

We’re supposed to be there not as early as we did, the flight we booked is actually a Sunday flight leaving from Cebu at around 4AM. But Cebu Pacific Air canceled that flight and moved earlier, which leaves at 11PM at the day before, which is okay so I don’t have to wake up early.
I actually have a video on how to get to Baguio City from Clark, it’s part of my vlog where I share my trips and I think it will be helpful for you.

But for those who prefer written details, and if you want to keep this as notes here’s the summary.

From Clark Airport
Fare to DAU terminal: P100

When you exit the Clark Airport go right. There should be an airport shuttle or their version of a jeepney that will bring you to DAU terminal (DAU: pronounced as DA-O). Just inform the conductor you’re going to DAU terminal and you have to pay before riding the shuttle. You’ll know you’re near DAU terminal when you’ll pass by McDonalds, you’ll know if you’re in DAU because there will be a lot of buses and I believe that’s their last stop.

Tip: Do not try to walk to the main entrance or gate of the airport, it’s too far away. It will also be hard for you to cross since the road is too wide and the road is a busy road.

From DAU Terminal
Bus fare to Baguio: P306

The recommended bus by everyone going to Baguio is the Victory Liner, which is what I’ll also highly recommend. The trip to Baguio via bus is about 4-5 hours, you’ll also have about 3 stops along the road, so if you’re up, do get a bathroom break, if you don’t have any food with you do buy one because you’ll totally need it.

Once you arrive in Baguio Philippines, you can then take the taxi going to your hotel or if it’s just nearby you can totally walk it.

I have more Baguio City blog posts!

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