El Nido Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These are the common questions related to El Nido Palawan that I think you may want to know too. I’ve separated this to my El Nido Travel Guide and Itinerary since that article is too long already. And since there can be more questions from you guys, please feel free to leave your questions in this blog post about El Nido through the comment section. If there’s new questions, I’ll update this blog post for you. So please don’t hesitate to leave your questions below.

Is there an airport in El Nido?

Yes, there is. It’s about more or less 30 minutes away from the town. It’s a small airport, just enough for their small plane to land. I don’t even see a formal building to be called an airport but I wasn’t able to enter there since I didn’t take the flight directly there.

I’d be able to add more details on my second visit wherein I planned to fly there directly.

How’s the electricity in El Nido?

There are electricity problems in El Nido, there are nights when you may need to sleep without air-conditioned – and that’s a problem when you’re there during summer since it’s really hot there.

But there are some hotels and establishments that do have generators, so look for an accommodation in El Nido that have generators. But during our stay there, the electricity was perfect, no problem at all. Our accommodation have an electricity all night too, and we got a great good night sleep.

How’s the internet connection in El Nido?

It’s not as fast as in the main cities and provinces in the Philippines but good enough for you to upload your photos, reply to emails, chat, or update your Facebook status. If you’re a travel vlogger like me, and need to upload a video then it may take forever – considering the electricity problems there and of course the internet speed.

There are establishments that have decent internet connection speed, not all have a good one. If you want to go mobile surfing its okay, not great, but okay.

Are the dogs friendly?

There are a lot of dogs in El Nido Palawan, not really sure why. Maybe they don’t have a dog pound there, but the dogs are just totally fine. They don’t bite, they’re mostly friendly, and have this pity face especially if you’re eating. I actually have a friend (dog) there near the Delinido Café, he’s all white and big boy, and every time I hang out at the café he’s like guarding me – yes, I love dogs, and dogs loves me.

TIP: When you’re eating at the town and there’s a dog looking at you and you want to give the dog a slice of what you have, DON’T. Else, all the dogs there will come to you and beg for food and give you that pity face.

Can I swim at the Downtown Beach?

No. Not safe and recommended. You’ll actually hop in there to your boat going for the island hopping tours (e.g. El Nido tour A, El Nido tour C) and it’s not that beautiful anymore. I believe it was as beautiful as the Nacpan beach before, the long white sand stretch of beach, but because people are there, tourists are there, it’s starting to be polluted. So don’t go swimming there. Just swim at the islands you’ll go to, or go to Nacpan beach instead.

Is there any ATM there?

It has now. I believe there are 2 ATM machines in El Nido. It’s RCBC Bank which is near the Municipal hall and the First Consolidated Bank near the Elementary school and near to RicGem’s and Discover El Nido.

Still it’s best to bring the cash you need ahead. If you’re going with a travel agency and staying at a hotel then it’s best to pay it ahead so you don’t have to bring a lot of money with you. I didn’t withdraw any money there, since they also informed me that the ATMs can ran out of money and you can’t withdraw when there’s no electricity – of course.

When is the Jelly Fish season?

The scuba divers there said there’s actually no season but our local tour guide said that there are a lot of them coming out during the rainy season which is around June to November.

But when we were there, there are still some jelly fish but those that are tiny, like a string. You won’t even notice it and then you just feel something stinged you but there’s no jelly fish around. It’s like a string of orange seeds. Not sure if it’s even a jelly fish, but it sting.

As of now, these are the common questions that I had when I was there and questions that I think you may want to know. So, please if you have any more concerns, please do feel free to leave it as a comment below.

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