How to Get Your Philippines Postal ID?

The postal ID is the fastest and easiest government ID that you can get. Luckily, it’s also now accepted as one of the valid IDs you can present in applying for your Philippine passport renewal – like how I did.

I recently got my Philippines postal ID renewed, I’ve been carrying the old one for the past 3 years the old laminated and cheap looking ID. That’s why I am so excited to renew my postal ID because it’s more professional looking, more official government ID.

Please note that I’ve done the renewal of my Philippines postal ID months ago before the election, but after Duterte winning as the new president of the Philippines, this may have been made easier and faster, but I was totally satisfied with how things go.

Philippines Postal ID Requirements

Here are the requirements in getting your Philippines postal ID with the specifications on what qualifies for those.
  • Proof of Address – As for this case, I submitted a Barangay Clearance which was given to me and I paid for easily (since one of the people in the Barangay Hall do lives near my place, same subdivision). But other than that, it can be your billing statement, police clearance, and NBI clearance.
  • Proof of Identity – It can be any of your IDs like your UMID card, driver’s license, or valid passport and bring at least one, but as for me I submitted my NSO birth certificate since I don’t have any other valid IDs. You may also submit the Local Civil Registrar (LCR) with current official receipt of your birth certificate. If you’re married, your marriage certificate is also valid. 
  • Filled Application Form – you can get this form online or just ask the form from the postal office on the day that you process the renewal of your postal ID.
  • Fee – I believe the fix fee is P504 including the VAT. I paid the same, and I believe it’s applicable to all.

How to Get Your Philippines postal ID?

I’ve actually made a video on how to get it, documented everything I’ve done to be able to get it. I wasn’t able to document the day I got in my mail since I was away, my Mama received it for me. But it arrived within a month after I applied for the renewal of my Philippines postal ID.

So here’s the video documenting all the process I’ve done in getting my Philippines postal ID renewed. Even including the day that I have my data captured.

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