Summit Ridge Tagaytay – 2D/1N Stay Hotel Review

I wished we have more time to stay in Tagaytay, we were like just there to eat and sleep. But we were lucky that the Summit Ridge Tagaytay accepted us wide open in their hotel to sleep in overnight. But for that overnight stay, let me share with you my experience at this hotel in Tagaytay just in case you’re looking for a place to stay in Tagaytay.

We came from Batangas City before coming to Tagaytay, and we were totally lost majority of the time because of the unhelpful people in Batangas. But still, we’re able to arrive in Tagaytay safe and sound.

Before anything else, let’s get to know the Summit Ridge Tagaytay first.

Summit Ridge Tagaytay Hotel Review Exotic Philippines Travel blog blogger Vlogger Vlog Video

Summit Ridge Tagaytay

* Beautiful view of the Taal Lake
* Located in Summit Ridge Prominade
* Strong WiFi
* Near Robinsons (for grocery, and shopping – walking distance)
* Near to Eat all you can places (walking distance)
* With Swimming Pool

* Lack of plug

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Summit Ridge Tagaytay is one of the hotels of Summit Hotels, it has a sister hotel here in Cebu, the Summit Circle which is just right beside the Osmena circle, and a great hotel choice if you’re coming in Cebu for Sinulog.

As one of the recognized Cebu blogger was able to visit that hotel once and dine there but was unable to get the chance to stay at that hotel.

Summit Ridge Tagaytay is pretty much the same, great location, it’s within the Summit Ridge Promenade. It’s nearest to the Starbucks at the promenade which also have some different restaurants and stores that you might need. Just in front of the hotel is of course the view of Taal Lake, plus a line up of eat all you can places in Tagaytay like the Josephine eat all you can.

The hotel have 108 rooms, all facing to the Taal lake, so no need to worry if your room will face the view or not. There are 18 suites, but the room we got was their deluxe room. Plus they have their infinity pool which has a great view and an indoor basketball and badminton courts (which sadly I wasn’t able to check out).

Summit Ridge Tagaytay Hotel Review Exotic Philippines Travel blog blogger Vlogger Vlog Video

For those who have their own cars, no worries, they have their own parking lot in front of the hotel and underground – which has a special access at the back of the hotel.

Now, time to show you our rooms.

The Hotel Rooms

If you notice, I love hotels who give two (2) comfortable and heaven-like pillows, and this is one of them. Their beds are comfortable, the pillows – love it! The room is very clean, and most of what you need is already there.

Summit Ridge Tagaytay Hotel Review Exotic Philippines Travel blog blogger Vlogger Vlog Video

What I love about the room the most is the terrace, I like chilling there, just absorbing what I see and enjoy the beautiful view the hotel room offers.

The room have an electric pot (not sure what you exactly can call that), mini fridge, LCD cable TV, safety box, and fully air-conditioned.

The Hotel Bathroom

The bathroom is bigger than what I expected. Bigger than what you need which is a plus – not complaining about the size. What I love the most about it is the complimentary stuff, and of course the hair blower – a girl need her hair blower.

Summit Ridge Tagaytay Hotel Review Exotic Philippines Travel blog blogger Vlogger Vlog Video

The glass wall of the shower area was really cool too, and love that it is a hot and cold shower since it can be also cold in Tagaytay. The bathroom too have its own telephone line which is just near the toilet – just in case someone will call you while doing what you do.

The Hotel Restaurant

We had our breakfast at the Sisterfields which offered us a number of different breakfast meals. The food though is average, the bacon was also soaking in it’s oil – they didn’t put it first at a dry tissue for food, not sure what you exactly call that but my Mama does that to make the tissue absorb the oil.

Summit Ridge Tagaytay Hotel Review Exotic Philippines Travel blog blogger Vlogger Vlog Video

But then, their restaurant is near to the pool, which makes it a great spot to have your breakfast, with a view.

Exotic Philippines Hotel Ratings

Before I give my hotel rating, you might want to watch the vlog I made about the hotel. It’s pretty much a tour of the hotel. It’s what I got for an overnight stay at the hotel – wish I have more time though, I think there are more spots to explore at the hotel.

Please do subscribe at my YouTube channel, like the video if you like it, and feel free to a leave a comment there.

As for my rating for my overnight stay, I love it. I’m satisfied with my stay, got a good night sleep and woke up early to watch the sunrise and enjoy the view again early in the morning.

I’d like to give my overnight stay at Summit Ridge Tagaytay a 4 stars out of 5. I'd give them a 5 if someone assisted us with our bags right away when I take my bag out from the car, but their staff was too late already and have to ask us "do you need help with your bags mam?" when I'm carrying a backpack, dragging a bag and have another grocery bag on the other hand, I almost said "not obvious?" but I just said "no thanks" since it should be an initiative for their staff to help.

Also, their room lacks some more plugs, I have to choose between the TV, the fridge, and the hot water maker (something) on which to plug. The hot water maker or was it the fridge's plug does not match the wall plug, good thing Channel brought hers. There was also a lamp on the table, where I can't plug anywhere, So I leave it alone.

Summit Ridge Tagaytay Hotel Review Exotic Philippines Travel blog blogger Vlogger Vlog Video

But other than that, I highly recommend the hotel. If you don’t have your own car, it’s easy to go to Olivares to ride the bus going back to Manila, or even go to the other side. I love the convenience too of the place, plus the view and how everything else is comfortable.

I wish there’s something more I can share about the hotel, but with the time I ahad when I stayed there it was not enough to fully explore the hotel – maybe some other time, and I’ll try to update this post.

Have you already tried staying at the Summit Ridge Tagaytay? Let us know, leave a comment below and tell us about your stay!

Summit Ridge Tagaytay
Km. 58 Gen., Emilio Aguinaldo Hwy, Tagaytay, 4120 Cavite

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