ExoticPhilippines.info – Cebu’s Top Travel Blog and Blogger Influencer 2016

August 13, 2016 – Cebu Blogging Community (CBC) celebrates their second year anniversary, and with that Escooped Media also recognizes the top bloggers and influencers in Cebu.

With that, Exotic Philippines, this travel blog was named to be Cebu’s Top Travel Blog of the Year (2016) and I was named to be the Top 5 Cebu Blogger Influencer for 2016!

I’d like to thank you all for making this possible, I could’ve made it without everyone who’s reading this blog, visiting, and sharing the content.

It was also a shock to me, I know. I’m not that great of a writer but when I sat down with one of the judges and publishers of Escooped Media team asking “are you sure?”, he explained that they’re not only judging according to the content of the blog, but also social media and search – which I have a huge advantage.

I may be NOT the greatest writer, or top blogger of the country, but all I want to do is share with you guys the information you may need or want to know before going and trying the trip I’ve done. In this way you’ll get the best out of your vacation and ease of travel.

As a recognized Cebu blogger, I’d like to thank Escooped media for recognizing my efforts in blogging. I do hope I can do more and contribute more to Cebu’s tourism with and through blogging. That’s all I want really, and that what makes this all started.

ExoticPhilippines.info – Cebu’s Top Travel Blog and Blogger Influencer 2016 Exotic Philippines Tavel Blogger Award

These trophies and certificates does not only belong to me but also to you guys, supporting and sharing the ways to promote the Philippine tourism, we might also be one of the unknown heroes of the country. Tourism brings a lot in the country!

Big thanks to all my sponsors who believe and placed their bet on me on doing what I’ve promised, and hoping to help me on my way of my travel blogging journey. I do hope there are more businesses out there who could help my way through all of these years, to my upcoming journeys!

Cheers to everyone! Cheers for Everyone!

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