A Self Tour at the Bell House and Amphitheater

I didn’t know about the Bell house and even the Bell Amphitheater at the Camp John Hay of Baguio City up until I looked for things to do or visit at the camp. I don’t even know who’s Bell and why he have this house at the camp. If it was discussed in our history lessons during our elementary years, then maybe I was absent.

Anyway, since people are looking for it and need information about it, plus it’s part of the Philippine history then we did visit the Bell house. It was again, just like the Butterfly Sanctuary at the Camp John Hay, it was hard to find for us because we were relying on the Google maps and it was totally wrong.

A Self Tour at the Bell House and Amphitheater Camp John Hay Baguio City Exotic Philippines Travel Blogger Vlog Blog

Good thing we have this instinct where to go, we just observe cars, and tourist walking around. So we practically just found it with our instinct. No worries, if you’ve watched my vlog or just read my post about the DIY Baguio City Tour at the Camp John Hay to find the map I made, then you’ll totally find the Bell house and Bell Amphitheater easily if you’re just going to do the tour yourself – just like us.

Watch my DIY Baguio City Tour – Camp John Hay and Burnham Park

The Bell House at the Camp John Hay

The house is (as far as I understand) or shall I say was owned by someone named bell. I’ve never seen him before, or I think I did in one of the history cards, but basically the house was for him. It’s an old but big house, still being used as a meeting place or a stop of one of the tours.

A Self Tour at the Bell House and Amphitheater Camp John Hay Baguio City Exotic Philippines Travel Blogger Vlog Blog

But yeah, I honestly don’t know him or read about him. I hope they did have this sign why this John Hay and Bell person have this in our country – again if it was discussed in our class, I may be absent or did not really stick to my mind, low memory.

But yeah, the Bell house is pretty cool and big, spacious. Cleaned and well maintained. They even have a good kitchen and big table. But if you’ll ask me if I’d love to stay there, well, why not? But I have to remove the old stuff since it makes the house look creepy. The rooms are creepy too but not like dirty creepy.

The Bell house is like what you see in old American movies, it looks like an American house.

The Bell Amphitheater of the Camp John Hay

Just right beside the Bell house, you’ll also be able to spot the Bell Amphitheater. You can actually see it at the terrace of the Bell house – and yes, I got this shot from the house.

A Self Tour at the Bell House and Amphitheater Camp John Hay Baguio City Exotic Philippines Travel Blogger Vlog Blog

It’s a well maintained and kept amphitheater, I think if it was colder or not summer in Baguio when we’re there it will look a lot better, greener too. I saw some bloggers with really beautiful pictures there with colorful flowers in it.

Also that time when we were there, they’re seem to be having some improvements at the house and near the Bell Amphitheater. So, it was not all greeny that day.

Is visiting the Bell house and Bell Amphitheater worth it?

To be honest, I can find other places in Baguio that’s worth more my time. But there are people asking about the Camp John Hay, and we are at the camp, so might as well visit it. Plus, if you’ve watched the video, I don’t know if it is because we paid the “standard” fee that’s why we don’t have a tour guide with us, is it because we’re cheap looking Filipinos visiting the Bell House and they felt like there’s no need to give us a tour guide.

I’d love to be able to get explanation of who’s Bell, who’s Camp john Hay, and what’s with the house, but no one did. They did gave a tour for a group of rich looking seniors though.

So, if you’re visiting, then make sure you ask someone to tour you but I’ve got the feeling it involves some fees since they’re charging additional fees if you’ll be shooting a video at the Bell house. So, why not an additional fee for a tour guide, right?

If you want to check out the house, then why not, the Bell Amphitheater was interesting though but I didn’t go down there anymore since my knees and feet are aching of walking all day already.

Entrance Fee: P60

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