Around the World with Botanical Garden in Baguio City

The Botanical Garden of Baguio City is our first stop in touring around the city. I was thinking twice about visiting this place, but did not regret that I did. It’s just refreshing that you’re surrounded with trees, plants, and with a cold weather.

But did you know that the Botanical Garden is also known as the Igorot Village? So, I think that’s why there are a number of Igorot there, that you can take picture with (with a fee) or borrow some costumes to wear to at least try to look like an Igorot. It is also said that there are times that the Igorots in the area still performs in the area.

I’d say you’ll feel like you’ve been around the world with the Botanical Garden because the San Francisco Bridge is there, but just the mini version of it, plus the China like feel in an area, plus a Japanese tunnel and area where you can relax and just sit after a long walk around the area.

Around the World with Botanical Garden in Baguio City Exotic Philippines Travel Blog Blogger Vlog

There’s no entrance fee at the Botanical Garden, you just enter there and roam around. But please note that taking pictures with the local Igorots and wearing the costume has a fee. They’re already open around 7am, and just take your time there. We spent around an hour roaming around there and trying to spot some areas that we can take pictures and get into. But we we’re not able to find the Japanese tunnel, but I believe we spotted it but just ignore that part – my bad.

But if you want to know what to expect from Baguio City, or the Botanical Garden itself then you might want to watch my vlog where majority of it is all about the Botanical Garden.

Is Botanical Garden worth the visit? There are just few spots that you can visit in Baguio City, so you totally have the time to visit this place. Plus, if you like to have a souvenir with the Igorot or wearing and be like one, then this is a great place.

Not also to mention that the strawberry taho sold here is way a lot better than the one sold at the strawberry farm. But then, the one sold at the strawberry farm ha real strawberries. So, why not just stop here and try both?

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