Kayaking at the Beautiful Small Lagoon of El Nido

It was more or less 30 minutes boat trip from the El Nido town then I saw some boats all over near the area of the rocks. Then our tour guide Kuya Alfer told us that the talked about Small Lagoon of El Nido is 40 meters away, and we either have to go swim or kayak our way in to the Small Lagoon.

A lot of friends who have been in El Nido Palawan, and tried the El Nido tour A did advised me to take the kayak when going to the Small or Big lagoon. The travel agency, Northern Hope Tours did also say it’s a lot better to go for the kayak when going into the small lagoon.

And so, I did. The Kayak can accommodate up to 2 persons, so Channel and I split the fee for the kayak, the kayak rental for the Small Lagoon alone is P300. We paid it right away, and hop on to the kayak and just start paddling.

Just a few minutes of panting and amusement of the clear waters, we saw a small hole in the rocks, and just entered there. And yes, it was beautiful.

Kayaking at the Beautiful Small Lagoon of El Nido Exotic Philippines Travel Blog

You might want to watch my vlog instead about the El Nido tour A so you’ll have an idea of what we’ve seen and what it was like to be there.

A lot of foreigners loved the El Nido island hopping tour A because of the Small Lagoon of El Nido, so it’s a great highlight of the tour in El Nido. I actually liked this spot too. It’s prettier than most of the lagoons I’ve been into but it’s not an easy access, but still love it.

I wasn’t able to swim in the Small Lagoon though we did want to, we’re just thinking twice about it since we’re not sure if we’ll be able to hop on back in the kayak after we swim. There are rocks there that you can use to rest on, but it’s best to use your life jacket so you’re able to rest and just enjoy your way in or out from the Small Lagoon.

If you have a budget, then just rent the kayak. It was my first time using the kayak, and Channel is more experienced than I do – thank God! Sorry if I wasn’t able to give you the swimming side, but yes, kayaking in the Small lagoon was worth it. If you still want to swim there, you just return to your boat and just swim near the boat like what we did.

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