On the Matinloc Shrine of El Nido

The Matinloc shrine of El Nido Palawan is hidden in the forests of Matinloc Island and the abandoned Matinloc shrine was built in 1982 in honor of the virgin Mary. There are also a lot of stories about the place, but none of it are not really sure that was the reason.

There is a chapel there, if only they’ve finished it I do think it will be like a place where a lot of people will visit there not only for the view. Or maybe instead of a chapel they’ve could’ve made it something else that could benefit the locals there, and the place itself. A hotel maybe?

I’m scared of abandoned buildings, since I do see, well, see and feel figures that not a lot of people see. So I do avoid abandoned buildings or just creepy places. But if you’re not like me, you can do get inside the abandoned building and just check it out – do some photo-shoots maybe?

On the Matinloc Shrine of El Nido Palawan Exotic Philippines Travel Blog Blogger

Since the Matinloc shrine is in Matinloc island that has a secret beach, which is a pocket of white sand beach at the corner of a sinkhole, that is inaccessible by boat and surrounded by steep rock walls.

The shrine is really tall. On the way up, you must step on the limestones that have started or maybe they’ve formed it like stairs, but they’re not like all equal or shaped really well and there’s no other things there that you can hold on to other than the sharp stones there. So, be careful where you step in to, watch your steps, and also before you totally hold on to the rocks, make sure you’re holding on the area of the sharp stones that can’t cut you – because I was cut there, not that big but still it’s a cut.

We went there at the afternoon, it was our last stop but I wish we went there earlier or when the sun is out shining brightly since my shots are quiet dim. I have to adjust the lighting, the saturation, and brightness of my shot here which is still not that good for me.

The view there was awesome though, I wish I could’ve gone up at the higher stone but the spot can only take 2 persons there at the higher view of the Matinloc shrine, but there’s this foreigner who doesn’t want to leave there considering there are a lot of us already in the shrine waiting for our turns.

I also saw some kids there, going up and they’re all so game trying to reach and take a peak of the beautiful view. If you’re bringing a kid with you though, make sure they’re old enough that they could estimate the danger, it was a bit dangerous letting them go up really high without parents holding on to them since below the shrine is really high and there are rocks there.

It was a great stop though at the Matinloc shrine, we just wished that they control the number of people going up there to give turns to the others who wants to take pictures and enjoy the view for at least a few minutes.

That's it, the end of our El Nido island hopping tour C, But the day after this, we took the El Nido island hopping tour A which is what the foreigner's favorite tour in El Nido Palawan.

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