Eco-Friendly Travel in Krabi, Thailand

When it comes to your holiday or vacation time being spent in beautiful Krabi, Thailand, there may be certain things you are interested in doing, being a part of and participating in.

A huge trending topic of travel these days is the fact that many people really are hoping to create less of a carbon footprint despite some of the many necessary things that take place during travel that maybe are not so eco-friendly.

Although some of the ways to insure you are being eco-friendly on your trip may seem like a hassle, there are also plenty of other ways in which are extremely easy and very accessible to accomplish. Here are they are…

Eco-Friendly Travel in Krabi Thailand

Group Sharing Krabi Taxis & Transfers

Of course the very first thing you are going to need to figure out would be how exactly you are going to get from the airport to your accommodation. One of the best options to make less of a negative impact on the environment is to group share Krabi taxis and Krabi transfers so as to avoid having to make so many trips in multiple vehicles. By sharing, it cuts down on the gasoline and exhaust being emitted into the air alongside the fact that airport transfer is a much stress free way of getting to the krabi airport hotel.

Staying in Eco-Friendly Accommodation

With so many travelers hoping to partake in eco-friendly ventures during their stay throughout the world, Krabi has caught on and in doing so there have been some great hotel options for those type of travelers. If that is you, then you may want to consider staying at either the Anantara Si Kao Resort & Spa or the Phulay Bay Ritz-Carlton Reserve while spending time in Krabi.

The first one mentions puts an emphasis on recycling and composting as well as sourcing food locally and supporting mangrove replanting. The second hotel mentioned has created a habit in the kitchens to use produce sourced from local markets, with some in fact even grown right on the property as well as recycles of waste and waste water throughout the property. Although both hotels are on the more pricey side, they make real and true efforts to make a friendly impact on the environment of Krabi and Thailand in general.

Get Outside & Walk

When you have the option to either head out by use of the Krabi taxi vehicles or simply walk to your destination, the most eco-friendly option would of course be to set out on foot! Despite the ease and quickness of taking a Krabi taxi, walking will not only allow for the gas emission to cut way down but it will also get you outside, breathing the fresh Thai air, seeing new sights and discoveries you may not have seen before and simply taking in the beauty that seems to exude Krabi’s every corner. Walking is an excellent way in which you can help the environment and cut down on pollution.

Watch Where You Throw Your Trash

Thailand as a whole over the years has become much more eco-friendly and in many sense of the term, has “gone green” with recycling options throughout several of the towns and Krabi is no exception. Of course depending on where you go to dine out, stay in or simply even head to the beach, there will be various options on whether you can recycle at these places or not.

Many hotels, as mentioned before, will have an option to recycle plastic, aluminum or other recyclable materials throughout the property. It is always a very good idea bring an extra bag of some sorts with you if you are heading to the beach and know that there will not be any recycling bins in sight.

You may just want to throw your beer bottles, water bottles and soda cans into the bag and bring it along with you until you can find a proper recycling bin to throw it in. Although not all of Krabi will have this option, always keep an eye for it and sure enough there will soon be plenty more recycling and eco-friendly ways to travel in the upcoming years.

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