Philippines History, Culture, and Lifestyle in Metro Museums

In the past, museums were places for the culture vultures, the arty set, the creative community and those studying history. Things have changed in the 21st century, as these places offer better experiences for the whole family. It keeps the youngest children interested, and parents clicking away with cameras and smart phones (where allowed). Many have interactive areas for young and old alike to enjoy.

Philippines History, Culture, and Lifestyle in Metro Museums

Whether your visit to Manila includes strolling around the metro for gastronomic places, looking at real estate in the Philippines or wanting to have an in-depth perspective on the country’s evolving culture, visiting local museums is the best way to go. Here are a few museums that will keep your eyes and minds enthralled until closing time.

Museo Pambata

This museum, which took its ideas from a similar interactive U.S. museum known as “The Boston Children’s Museum”, provides the young, and young at heart with all manners of adventure. You can learn about the body in the Body Works, go to a (virtual) sea in an old Spanish Galleon, or barter in an old Manila marketplace.

The Mind Museum

The Mind Museum houses a collection of five galleries, namely: The Technology Gallery, The Universe Gallery, The Life Gallery, The Earth Gallery and The Atom Gallery. Each one provides interactive learning activities for adults and kids.

National Museum and Museum of the Filipino People

While immersing yourself in the cuisine of the Philippines and trying to soak up as much of the local color and culture as you can, take it one step further. A visit to the National Museum, and the Museum of the Filipino People will take you on a thrilling ride back in time. Know more about the pre-Spanish colonization era and the events after that. If your interest in a country lies more with the arts, then this is also a great choice to fuel your inspiration and knowledge.

Bahay Tsinoy

This museum traces the history of the close ties between the Filipino and Chinese communities since the early days of trading. Now, the Chinese-Filipino communities are as large a part of Philippine history as anything else. With archaeological evidence dating back to the 10th century, the path is traced in ceramics, prints, and photographs.

Metropolitan Museum of Manila

If your interest in art is of a more contemporary nature, this is the place for you. With works from Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo and contemporary and local Filipino artists, combined with pre-Hispanic pottery and gold jewelry, Neolithic jars and jugs, and funeral masks over the years - you can really get immersed in the art and culture of the old and new.

These are just a few of the many fabulous museums in the Metro Manila area. Remember, if you visited any a couple years ago, then it’s time for another look. Museums continuously change their exhibit themes, add new ones and improve tourist experience. Together, they provide locals and foreigners with a great opportunity to enjoy the history and culture of the country.

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