Choosing The Best Wine For The Season

Nothing helps you appreciate great seasonal weather and atmosphere than an appropriate drink to accompany the moment, and when it comes to choosing a wine there are a variety of great ones that are perfect for you to pair with a meal, a season, or even specific types of weather. If you’re looking to plan a party and are thinking of serving wine, here are a few tips for making your best seasonal pairings.

Choosing The Best Wine For The Season


When it comes to picking great bottles of wine for the summer, there is no doubt that you’re going to be looking mainly at lighter and refreshing wines that can be served cold on a hot summer day. The most popular choice tends to be French Rosé, most of which come from various southern regions of France such as Provence and even Languedoc-Roussillon. Summertime is also a great opportunity to pop open a bottle of bubbles, the most popular, once more, being from France, specifically Champagne.


The slightly cooler months of autumn will call for a little more warmth and comfort from your wine, meaning you’ll be finding more reds on your table, though perhaps still not the heavier ones. A great mix of varietals during this crisp season is the Syrah and Grenache blend of St Chinian, France, or if you’re looking for something luscious, consider a Pinot Noir from Montepulciano, Italy, or Napa, California. If you’re still after white wines, then one with a little more oak flavour, such a Chardonnay might be the choice for you.


As the coldest season of the year comes around you’ll be looking for some big wines full of deep tastes to keep you warm and cozy. Perhaps because they’re grown at altitude, the Malbec grapes from the Mendoza region in Argentina are also a perfect match for the harsh weather, with their dark plum, bitter chocolate and smoke flavours. If you’re after something even larger, then consider a Barolo from Italy, which tends to have a mix of aromas including camphor, chocolate, leather, mulberries, plum, spice, and truffles. For a comforting late night or after-dinner drink, there nothing more fitting than a Reserve or Vintage Port.


During the season of the year’s rebirth, most people are looking for a wine that is light and fruity, such as Sauvignon Blanc from South Africa, or white Bordeaux and Sauvignon-Semillon blends. If you’re after a refreshing red wine, consider a bottle with a lighter fruity flavour and such as a younger Pinot Noir from Chile or Oregon, or a Sangiovese from Tuscany.

Remember, no matter the season, the most important thing when it comes to drinking wine is choosing the bottle you enjoy the most. And if you're worried about making the choice yourself, a wine club will send the best seasonal options straight to your door or  pick up a mixed case from Tesco to try a bit of everything.

Image by Ken Hawkins used under the Creatives Commons License.

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