7 Top Travel Destinations in the US

If you are planning to travel to US, whether you are arranging a vacation with your family or alone you should know about these some of the places, I mean coolest places in the country. So, lucky for you that I have here some top travel destinations in the US that should be on your ‘must-visit’ list.

Jersey Shore

If you have ever been to New Jersey of have read about it, you will know that the most famous part of New Jersey is its shores. The New Jersey Shores are stretching from Sandy Hook to Cape May and has a number of resort towns that range from stylish to gluey. Still in year 2013, Hurricane Sandy had disrupted lives nearby the shore, and local communities have been worried about the place losing its value. But things have been better off late, and you can actually expect a happy time at and around the shore.

If you are moving around with your family, you can expect to have great family fun time in here with beaches, dunes, lighthouses, go-karts, fishing, galleries, amusement rides, funnel cakes, shopping and much much more. So, definitely it is an ideal spot for a family.

Yosemite National Park

Located in California, you can spend quality time in here. With the majestic peaks, flower-peppered subalpine meadows, and thunderous waterfalls, you can be sure about the memories you will cherish at this place will be worth an experience.

If you move in, you should look for spots like El Captain and the Half Dome, also the Inspiration point and Yosemite Falls, etc. If you are traveling with your little kids, then this should absolutely be on your list.

Grand Rapids

If you love beaches, love beer and you are an art enthusiast, then Grand Rapids is a definite ‘must-visit’ for you. It is Michigan’s second largest city and has been popularly voted as best beer city in the US in the past years.

However, if you are planning to visit the city, you should plan your vacation in a way that you can be a part of the Winter Beer Festival or maybe the Cool Brews Hot Eats or the Summer Beer Craft Festival. You will enjoy your time around in there.

Apart from this, the city is famous for a number of spots and two (2) of them are Grand Rapids Art Museum and Frederik Meijer Gardens. Travelling approximately 30 miles from there, you will be able to enjoy your time on one of the most unexpected beach getaways in the world, Lake Michigan’s Gold Coast.

Central Coast

If you are planning to stay in Los Angeles or San Francisco, then you should totally check out the Central Coast too.  Many people often miss out on spending quality time at this place, confusing it with a flyover country. Don’t make that mistake because you will regret your decision later on.
This is because Central Coast a little place that is full of sea hugging highway, hidden coves, checkout the laid-back beach towns, see the sea lion colonies, be in the fantastical Hearst Castle, have a pleasant weather, try the Spanish missions and much more. Meanwhile, the biggest advantage of visiting this place is that there are no crowds.

If you are staying around, you can even take a walk down the farmers’ market that dot the coast.
Other than this, you will also surely enjoy clicking some pictures in this location.

So, to capture every moment that you have then don’t forget to carry a camera along with you.
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Cumberland Island

Although this is one of the least developed areas in the country but you can expect surprises in here. Like the beautiful butterflies, and the tiny fiddler crabs, see the feral horses, the windswept dunes, beach bum at virgin beaches, mossy old oaks, etc. Apart from this, you can find mudflats, marsh, tidal creeks, and breathtaking sunrises in here too.

Some say that the sole reason of the place remaining underdeveloped makes it really special not only for the locals, but for tourists as well. You cannot expect things to look so good naturally when we have pollution and noise all around.

Las Vegas

Really? Do I have to tell you point by point why this place is a must-visit?

Well, some might want to avoid visiting this place with their little ones, but if you are newly married or want to spend quality and entertaining time in the US and yes of course, this is definitely the place you should come to visit first.

Things are always happening in Vegas and you could discover more, get to save more and live more in the city and do it all the time. This city never sleeps, and you can expect some of the best events happening around in the city.

Apart from the known activities, there are also a number of interesting activities that should be on your mind like ziplining with Flightlines, go-karting and managing to take some time out of your schedule for Vegas Indoor Skydiving.

Sun Valley

Sun Valley is perfect for you if you are planning to spend your summer vacations in here and during summers, the visitor count is low, and the costs are equally low. However, you can be sure that your entertainment level will be high.

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