A Guide for First Time Hikers at Osmeña Peak

Osmena Peak Dalaguete Cebu Exotic Philippines

One of the must do’s or try these days here in Cebu Philippines during summer is going to the known highest point of Cebu, the Osmeña Peak. And this summer, WithLocals sent me out to meet with the host, Janice to verify her experience wherein she’ll be touring and guiding guests from Osmeña Peak, to Kawasan Falls in Badian, chill at the Lambug Beach in Badian, drop at Car-Car, and go back to Cebu City.

As a first timer myself in going up to the Osmeña Peak, I was able to gather some information and awesome tips from Janice our guide and I would like to share it with you all through here in the Exotic Philippines blog.

There are three (3) of us in this trip, and believe it or not we're able to fit in this single motorcycle.

Osmena Peak Dalaguete Cebu Exotic Philippines

We got there at the area where we can start hiking to the peak about 30 minutes later. Going there, you'll be able to see a lot of vegetables. Even at the area where the tricycle guy will wait for you, there are a lot of vegetables, and you'll just walk pass by them.

But, first off, before you go up, you'll need to log in their log book. Then, you'll need to pick one of the little girls, on which among them you wish to bring with you as a guide of the tracks going to the peak. We already have a guide, but the locals there says it's a requirement that someone from their place will tag along with us, so we picked the little girl named Jennifer. For her security, I won't be posting her picture but she's a shy little girl and she was actually the one leading us and she walked way up without a sweat!

Osmena Peak Dalaguete Cebu Exotic Philippines

Want a closer look? Here you go! They're really large!

Osmena Peak Dalaguete Cebu Exotic Philippines

I've enjoyed the view so much but then few minutes later of walking, I started to realize it's hard for me to breathe already. Not because something's wrong with me (no, I'm not having a heart attack), because we're going up, and I'm fat - let's face it. LOL.

The higher you go, the lesser air you get, so that's why it was so tiring for me already even I'm just few minutes away from where we started. I can still even see the tricycle we ride.
Osmena Peak Dalaguete Cebu Exotic Philippines

We're smiling and all in that photo but we're actually stopping there (about 10 minutes from the driver dropped us) because we're trying to catch our breathe. We were not running at all, we're walking calmly but I felt like I already ran fast - like I just had my HIIT workout.

Osmena Peak Dalaguete Cebu Exotic Philippines

But then, other than hiking, the view may also take your breathe away. From the sky, to the green land, vegetables, and the work of mother nature is simply amazing.

Still, the steps are too steep for me and I'm trying to catch my breathe and listen to my heart that's beating fast. I'm asking our guide Janice and the little girl, "are we there yet?"

Osmena Peak Dalaguete Cebu Exotic Philippines

Few minutes, and a couple of stops later to catch my breathe, Janice pointed out the peak where we'll climb and I was like "Finally! I can see the finish line..." but no, getting to the finish line is a lot more challenging (for me).

At the photo below, I'm actually trying to cheer myself up.

We're almost there! Few more steps fatso! Few more!

Osmena Peak Dalaguete Cebu Exotic Philippines

And Voilà!

Osmena Peak Dalaguete Cebu Exotic Philippines

I'm so proud of myself that I almost cried. I made it! I thought I'll make it there after 48 billion years, or never.

We stayed there for about 45 minutes or so. It's already started to get hot at around 9am. So, Janice told us that we need to go down and back since it's starting to get hot and then I realized, we're going down, and it looks a lot more dangerous.

Osmena Peak Dalaguete Cebu Exotic Philippines

It was a bit hard but easier compared to climbing, this one is a lot easier and faster still my sweats are dropping. But hey, they said hiking is good for you, the people there says I'll loose a lot of pounds (about 5 pounds) so HURRAH!

So now hopefully, with this simple travel guide on the Osmeña Peak will be able to help you out on your first trip to the peak.

How to get to Osmeña Peak?

Osmeña Peak can be found at Dalaguete Cebu, which is about 2-3 hours long travel from Cebu city depending on what time you’re traveling and traffic. But there are two (2) ways to get to Dalaguete, and I’ve only tried one of the ways to get there but I am also aware of the other one but can’t provide much details about it.

Via South Bus Terminal (Bus)

There are a lot of bus going to the South of Cebu, you may take the air-conditioned one and non- air-conditioned. Find the bus that goes to Oslob, Lilo-an, or Bato – they’ll all pass by at Dalaguete. Tell the bus conductor to drop you at Dalaguete Junction.

Osmena Peak Dalaguete Cebu Exotic Philippines
Dalaguete Junction

Once you’ve arrived at Dalaguete, a lot of single motorcycle drivers will ask you if you’re going to the Osmeña Peak and offer you a ride. For only P100, they’ll be driving you to the peak and wait for you, then drop you back to the junction.

Via Carbon Public Market (Mini-Bus)

Osmena Peak Dalaguete Cebu Exotic Philippines
Mantalungon Market

I don’t know much about this, but as far as I know you’ll be going to the Carbon Public Market and look for the mini-bus going to the Mantalungon market which is at Dalaguete. From the market, you can then get a ride from there going to the Osmeña Peak.

Where to Eat?

As for us, we traveled as early as 4am so that we’ll be able to arrive early but then that means we don’t have any breakfast yet, so if you’ll have the same situation same as us, then no worries. At Dalaguete Junction there are carenderias but there are also some at the Mantalungon market.

We ate at the market though, our driver pointed us to where we can eat while he waits for us. I only get to spent around P40 for my meal, and was able to buy a bottle of water too since there’s no available mineral water near the peak.

What to Wear?

As a first time hiker myself, I made a mistake. I wanted to wear some shorts since it’s actually hot here in Cebu during summer. Luckily, I asked Janice if it’s okay to wear shorts instead, but she highly advised not to since there might some grass or anything that may cause some itch.

Osmena Peak Dalaguete Cebu Exotic Philippines

Still, I made a mistake. I did not wear the shorts, but I wear a LONG jogging pants that it reached the ground and after the hike it was totally dirty. Not just that, there are times that the bottom of the pants got hooked or caught by the tip of the pointed rocks that I almost fall or have a great possibility to have another dramatic moment of my life – falling or rolling down the mountain. Good thing I’m good at balancing and grabbing things immediately, I was able to hold on and remove it.

Bring a jacket, wear a good sneakers or running shoes (I wore a Nike training shoes). I’m saying a good pair of shoes because the track is not perfect, test it out if it could be able to stick or hold on to rocks.

What to Bring?

Water, snacks, water!!!

Believe me, you’ll want water. You may want some snacks too if you want to stay there for about an hour to enjoy the view.

Also, bring a towel or handkerchief to wipe your sweat. I used my jacket because I forgot to bring one.

How Much is the Expenses?

We actually traversed to Kawasan after this, so please take note about that since the bus fee returning to the main city is from Badian (the other side of the south).

P 105- Bus from South Bus Terminal to Dalaguete Junction
P 100- Tricycle Ride to the Peak
P 40- Breakfast at Mantalungon market
P 50- Tip to the little girl guide at the peak
P 105- From Badian to Cebu City
P 400
    $20- Janice’s fee

Please take note that Janice’s fee already includes the traverse to Kawasan Falls in Badian Cebu.

Why Visit?

Really? Do I have to tell you why? How about let me show you why?

Osmena Peak Dalaguete Cebu Exotic Philippines

Who to Contact?

You may get Janice from WithLocals and book the experience with her from there. How to contact her, just click on the button below.

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