8 Must Try and Destinations to Visit in Bohol in 1 Day

8 Must Try and Destinations to Visit in Bohol Philippines in 1 Day

I’ve revisit Bohol last year, and yes I visited and try 8 destinations in just one (1) day. I’ve finished it all, and just returned back in Cebu around 5 in the afternoon. It’s totally possible. But then, up to now I want to revisit Bohol again, I feel like I missed something. I want to go and try their zipline, try their beautiful beaches in Panglao, see how peanut kisses is made, and many more.

But if you only have a day to spare for Bohol, well, I might just have the places for you. But if you can spend at least 3 days in Bohol, why not choconut? Anyway, here are the destinations I’ve visited in Bohol Philippines, in just one day!

Monument of the Blood Compact

Monument of the Blood Compact Bohol Philippines Exotic Philippines

Well, it’s basically one of the historic sites in Bohol during the 1565 between the Spanish explorer and Datu Sikatuna the chieftain of Bohol during that time.

Meet the Largest Snake in Bohol - Prony II

8 Must Try and Destinations to Visit in Bohol Philippines in 1 Day
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One of the experience I think that I can never forget in Bohol is meeting Prony II. My courage and love to the animals was tested on that day, it caused me a lot of sweat!

Baclayon Church and Museum

Sadly, one of the historic places that was ruined during the earthquake was the famous Baclayon Church, it’s still standing but there are parts of it that went down and cracks. I didn’t go in since I think it’s not safe yet when I visited the place.

But no worries, just beside it is a Museum. Didn’t get inside too since I can’t take pictures of it. But anyway, it’s still a worth stop there.

Man-Made Forest

Bohol Man-Made Forest Exotic Philippines

I’ve seen a lot of my friends have jump photos in this area. It’s really beautiful and cool being in the middle of all of the trees. You want to stop there or not, you’ll still pass by it going to the other destinations I’ll be mentioning. But hey, you’re there, go stop, feel it, be with the nature, take a photo, and share to the world!

Tarsier Conservatory

8 Must Try and Destinations to Visit in Bohol Philippines in 1 Day
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When you say Bohol, first thing comes in mind to most of the people is the Chocolate Hills, and some is their tarsier. Who doesn’t want to get a chance to get a closer and personal look of this little guy?

Warning though, you have to go up to their forest preservation area and may find it hard to see them because they’re blending with the trees and tiny. Make sure to bring a longer lens though and set your camera to “No Flash” since it’s not allowed. You might need a longer lens for your DSLR since you’re not allowed to get really close with them, you might cause them a heart attack and die.

Chocolate Hills

8 Must Try and Destinations to Visit in Bohol Philippines in 1 Day
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Who doesn’t love chocolates? How about a hill of Chocolates? Well, they’re not actually chocolates, but it’s called chocolate because of its color.

You might not be that interested, but the view is really great. The foreigners who were there really loved it, other than the view, they love the wind blowing and the historic and famous Chocolate hills in their selfie backgrounds.

Butterfly Garden

8 Must Try and Destinations to Visit in Bohol Philippines in 1 Day
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I used to be curious about butterflies back then, and everything that I am curious about the butterflies comes back to me when I visited the place. It’s a unique experience to be with the beautiful butterflies of Bohol, and educational too!

Floating Restaurants

8 Must Try and Destinations to Visit in Bohol Philippines in 1 Day
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Of course, after minutes of walk, climbing, and discovering Bohol Philippines, time to cool off, rest, relax, and fill up your stomach!

The floating restaurant is only open starting around 11am to 2pm, so limited seats are available but the food is eat all you can. Dine in, float in the Loboc river, meet the locals, and listen to the Filipino singers singing songs in different languages – and the foreigners loved it!

How to Book this Tour?

Want to get the same experience as I have? Well, lucky you I know a local there and you can find him at WithLocals.com and get the Bohol day tour for a cheap price and unique experience – experience Bohol the local way! Just click the button below to go to his page for this tour.

Nelson tour me around in Bohol Philippines with his lovely wife. They both speak fluent in English, great people, I was well entertained, and happy having the tour with them.

Other than the charge for the tour, I booked my round trip ticket at Ocean Jet for only P600 for both round trip ticket, plus P100 for the agency fee (for booking with them), a taxi P250 for going to the pier as early as 5am, and P25 fee of the pier. In total, it’s P975 plus the tour from Nelson of WithLocals, and plus P700 for the entrance fees and lunch.

In total, I spent P1,650 + $10.50 (Nelson's WithLocals rate) for a day of fun and discovery!

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