13 Activities You Can Do in Boracay

13 Acitivties You Can Do in Boracay

Summer is here, and to those who’s craving for the beach, or specifically white sand beaches, they go to the beautiful beach of the island of Boracay.

Other than beach bumming, swimming, and bar hopping there are other enjoyable activities you can do in Boracay. Though the island is small, and it’s surrounded with water, beach, and sands there are other things to do in Boracay.

Let me share with you a list of activities that you can in Boracay Philippines wherein some of them I’ve tried it myself, and they are:

Boracay Island Hopping

Cost: P2, 300 /trip (small boat 1 to 8 persons) + 200 (registration)

13 Acitivties You Can Do in Boracay

Yes, Boracay is not the only island in the area but there are other smaller islands that you can see. But as for what I have experience, since we went there on November of 2014 (and its rainy season) we were not allowed to go farther to the part since it may not be safe anymore.

We just watched the Crocodile island far away for few minutes and turned back because the waves are getting higher. We did go snorkeling (part of the island hopping), and saw the beautiful fishes but then a jellyfish sting us so we rushed up and just leave – we didn’t know why just us though, there are others who were swimming in the area and they’re enjoying it. No worries, it wasn’t that big but it was surely itchy!

13 Acitivties You Can Do in Boracay
View from the Restaurant

It took us 3 to 4 hours to finish the whole island hopping, and ended at the beach near the Shanri La Boracay – beautiful. We ate our lunch there, above a huge stone, fresh seafood was served and you may request how it will be cook.

Banana Boating

Cost: P250 (minimum of 5 persons)

The Banana boat is one of the activities that you can try for a cheap price, especially if there are a lot of you. But then, it’s not as enjoyable as the fly fish, and our guide actually did not recommend this since he said it’s boring, and we should go for the fly fishing instead.

Fly Fishing in Boracay 

Cost: P600 (minimum of 3 persons, P500 for 4 or more)

This is one of the activities that we didn’t realized it’s fun to do, didn’t book or included it, and regret it. So we were watching the others doing it, and it’s really fun. They were all shouting and laughing together.

I’ll highly recommend this activity if you don’t have any heart problems.


Cost: P1,000 /person (haggle price)

13 Acitivties You Can Do in Boracay
Hundreds of Feet above the Sea

One of the unforgettable experience I ever have in my entire life. I never felt so slim and lightweight, I feel like a lose a lot of weight, but actually didn’t – it’s a miracle!

When my Mama found out that I did do the parasailing, her first reaction was “maayo gani naay naigo na pisi” (good thing there’s a rope that fits you) – she’s actually talking about the safety gears. And yes, she wasn’t worried that I flew hundred feet above the ocean, she was worried about the rope.

I’d say this is a must do when in Boracay.

Helmet Diving 

Cost: P1,000 /person (haggle price)

13 Acitivties You Can Do in Boracay
I'm not sure why we're here.

I’ve expected a lot from this activity, from the pictures of it, from the promotions, I was really excited. But the view down below is disappointing. There are few fishes there, the water is a bit muddy already, and it was just like we were just there to try the helmet out.

Jet Skiing

Cost: 15 minutes P1,500 , 30 minutes P2,000 , 60 minutes P3,500

One of the activities that I did want to try but I didn’t see anyone else try to do it so I thought it’s not available. It’s expensive, so rather than trying this one out I’d rather go for other activities.

Scuba Diving 

I do want to try scuba diving one day, been planning to, and even want to get certified by PADI but it’s quiet expensive. So trying scuba diving at least once one day would be great, but I think it’s more worth it to do it here in Cebu Philippines.

Go Cart

There’s also a Go Cart here in Cebu, so I’d rather do it here. But hey, if you want to do it and try it in Boracay then go for it. Don’t have any more details for you though.

ATV /Bug Car

Cost: P800/head (ATV)

13 Acitivties You Can Do in Boracay

This is one of the activities that I really loved and enjoyed. Sadly it was just for about 30 minutes, but totally worth it. I’ve been wanting to do this, but there are only few places here in Cebu that do offer this.

Though it was raining a bit, it was fun. I felt like I was an action star, plus the best thing about it is that it was all muddy! Check me out after the ride:

13 Acitivties You Can Do in Boracay

You’ll be driving up to the hill, and climb (by feet) up to get a view of the top of Boracay!

13 Acitivties You Can Do in Boracay

What a view! If only I was able to bring my DSLR (but didn’t because it was raining), I could’ve given you better photos, and a greater view of what I saw.


I’ve tried zipline before, but the zipline in Boracay is higher that I’ve tried. I’m not sure if it’s that same place where we got the top view of Boracay, but it’s really high. So, if you want some adrenaline, go for it!


I don’t like the feeling of being trapped and then they’ll roll you down? Didn’t try this experience, because I feel like my cash will go somewhere better than this experience. But then, if you’ve been drooling for it, then go ahead and roll down the hill!

Sailing Boat

13 Acitivties You Can Do in Boracay

When we finished our island hopping, there were actually a lot of sail boats waiting and some sailing. I guess they have a better and beautiful view there in the waters during the sun set and the crowd just go out and have their selfies with it.

Kite Surfing

This was one of the activities that I was actually looking forward to. We did try to contact someone from there who offer this experience, but then we didn’t hear anything from them anymore. We’re not sure how to get there, so we didn’t pursue with it.

I've also been looking for the cliff diving, but it wasn't offered to us but anyway, these are all paid activities that you can do in Boracay, and I’ll try to make a list of free or cheap things to do in Boracay.

Got some more activities and things to do in Boracay in mind? Share it with us, share to the world what you know through leaving it as a comment below.

Primary Photo: Big thanks to Mary for the primary (first) photo above. Thank you Mary Narvasa!

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