28 Resorts and Hotels in Station 2 Boracay

28 Resorts and Hotels in Station 2 Boracay

Just few months ago, I visited Boracay Philippines and I think it’s just right that I will share with you the 28 hotels and resorts I know of that are in Station 2 Boracay.

But you might ask, why station 2?

Well, that is because most of the happenings are in Station 2. From parties, clubs, activities, are all near in Station 2 but the expensive hotel and resorts in Boracay is also in station 2. Yes, you can walk it, but if you’re not a fan of walking then you might want to go for the station 2 Boracay hotels.

If you want to go for cheap accommodation you can get hotels far away from the stations or try station 3 – which I’ll share some lists of hotels in station 3 too! Coming soon!

28 Resorts and Hotels in Boracay Station 2

You ready to pick a hotel? Here are the 28 resorts and hotels in Boracay Station 2 that I found. Please note that they are all arrange according to the recommended hotels in Boracay station 2, so that will automatically change every now and then depending on their ratings.

There are actually, 38 accommodations that you can choose from at Station 2 in Boracay but since this blog post is all about the hotels and resorts in Boracay station 2, so I haven’t included them. I might include them on the budget hotels and resorts in Boracay on my upcoming posts.

What hotel have I tried in Boracay?

I stayed at Boracay Holiday Resort, you might want to check out my review. It’s at Station 2, just about 5 minutes’ walk from the beach and McDonalds. And yes, it’s also one of the recommended hotels above and it is included on the list of hotels in Boracay Station 2.

If you’re quiet in a budget, you might want to check out my blog post soon about the hotels in Boracay Station 3, hotels in Boracay Station 2, or the list of cheap accommodations in Boracay Philippines!

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