Introducing a New Feature of Exotic Philippines Blog

I’ve started the Exotic Philippines blog way back in January 29, 2011 and yes, today it marks the 4th year anniversary of the blog. I felt like that it was just yesterday when I decided to start a blog, to think about what niche I should have, what should I name it, and all.

To celebrate the 4th year anniversary, I want to give you guys something that you’d love to have and will (hopefully) appreciate. Something that hopefully will make you keep coming back to the blog, something some of you usually ask about.

I decided to have a new feature of the blog to celebrate its fourth year, I have lots of ideas going on but one thing was really clear. I’ve been thinking about this for months, finally started it just few weeks ago, and finished it this week – well actually it will never be done since I do get a lot of things to do.

Let me introduce you to the new feature of the blog.

The Exotic Philippines Tours

I do get some private messages, tweets, and DMs asking if I know or recommend any travel agency on places they wish to visit. With that, I decided to create this new blog feature.

Exotic Philippines Tours

The Exotic Philippines Tours is an online directory of tours from different travel agencies around the country. For now, I’ve only got few tours from different but still top tourist destinations in the country. I’m still looking for more travel agencies.

How to Use the Exotic Philippines Tours?

I’ve prepared a video for everyone to watch, it’s actually just a quick tour, and a simple tutorial on how to use the Exotic Philippines Tours. It’s about 11 minutes long video (couldn’t make it shorter since majority of what I talked about is important). So, here you go!

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or just want to say something about the new feature of the blog please do feel free to leave it as a comment below or just contact me.

To go to the Exotic Philippines tours just click this link or type in

What's Next for Exotic Philippines?

Other than the Exotic Philippines Tours, I have already travel schedules prepared and planned. Surely, I'll be going out again this year traveling the country, and hopefully bring and share you more information about the country.

It also seems there are also some opportunities for the blog and of course, myself. I can't share about it now but the details shared to me is really awesome and would be really great. Still, I'm open for more opportunities and ideas to grow this blog and serve its purpose.

My big thanks to everyone who believed in me, supported me, love and have always loved what I’m doing.

Happy 4th year everyone!

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