3 Nights 4 Days Stay at Boracay Holiday Resort

* Few minutes of walk to the beach (station 2)
* Pool! For pool lovers
* They have their own restaurant
* Big rooms
* BIg bathrooms
* Cold, well maintained air-conditioner

* Slow service at the restaurant
* Wrong orders
* The food is not that delicious for the price

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Coming to the Beach Capital of the Philippines and the world's most beautiful tropical island have been always a part of my bucket list and dream. Luckily, just last week, I was finally able to visit the beautiful island of Boracay.

For years, I was actually thinking twice to come and visit Boracay. Since the hotels are mostly expensive, the transportation (going to Boracay) is also expensive, and the food are mostly expensive.

Luckily, I won this year’s AsiaRooms.com Blogger Awards for the Hotel Review Guru category, and as a winner I am given a 300SGD worth of stay to any hotel in Asia - that is hotels that are on their site. So yes, I did use that prize in Boracay to have less expenses.

Of all the hotels in Boracay, I choose to go to the Boracay Holiday Resort, located in Station 2 of Boracay, mainly because they have a huge pool – I don’t like to swim much at the beach, simply because it’s too salty and if I drown it might be hard for them to find me. LOL.

The Boracay Holiday Resort

Along with fellow bloggers, Mary, Chanel, Princess, and I stayed at Boracay Holiday Resort for three (3) nights and four (4) days.

When we arrived in Boracay, there’s no one (from the hotel) who picked us up in the port but you may request for them to do so – for an additional fee of course.

When we arrived about 6:00pm, the ladies at the front desk greeted us with a smile when she saw us coming in, the guard and the hotel boy didn’t also think twice to help us with our bags when they saw that the tricycle we’re on is stopping in front of the hotel. The waiter also came to us and gave us some welcome drinks - great timing! We're thirsty!

They asked for my name, but for some reason the lady wasn't able to find my name. So they asked for my voucher, I did receive it from AsiaRooms but I totally forgot to print it out. I told them that it must be under a different name (since I didn't pay for it, AsiaRooms did).

I told them maybe it's under AsiaRooms or Milda of AsiaRooms. The other woman at the desk looked at me and said "she's our guest!".

Aha! I guess AsiaRooms was the magic word. LOL.

The Hotel Rooms

Since I was with three (3) other bloggers from Cebu Philippines, I booked the Boracay Holiday Resort’s Suite room which costs P4,000/night during the low season.

I know, if it’s P4,000/night then we’ve gone more than 300SGD, but that’s what’s great with AsiaRooms, they got the lower rates for you.

When I was actually looking for a hotel in Boracay, they have a number of hotels offering lower rates because it's low season. But other than the low season rate, they have another lower rate or discount rate.


The hotel's air-conditioned room has a huge space (in my opinion), there’s one sofa, TV, refrigerator (under the TV), table with two (2) chairs, and two queen-size beds - love the curtains. There’s a pull-out bed on the second bed, in case you have an extra person. The cabinet for your things is also huge, and the cabinet door is a mirror.

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So basically, the room can handle a maximum of 5 people though there’s still more space for another bed to add. But hey, where are you going to put your things if the space is all used up with beds?

Each of the queen size beds comes with 4 big pillows, plus 3 small square pillows, and a comforter with a blanket underneath. Hotels that provides big and comfy pillows is a total plus for me.

At home, I have 4 pillows, 2 for my head, 1 in between my legs, and another one for hugging! So, having 3 more small pillows to cuddle with is a total plus – no worries, I shared one of the small pillows with my bed mate Chanel. But I wish they have a bit thicker comforter though, just to keep me more warmer.

As for the room temperature, the hotel’s air-condition is well maintained that it looks brand new (or maybe it is) and can totally make the whole room cold. We’re like freezing in the room when we wake up - but we love it!

The only complain I think I can give is the bed, I think it’s brand new that’s why it’s not that soft, or maybe the bed is not supposed to be like that. Mary loved the bed. So still, it’s not much of a problem, you can still sleep well and get a good night sleep.

The Bathroom

The bathroom size is great, they also have a sliding door for the shower area (which is great and ideal). They did provide us with 4 towels, but they just placed 2 glasses for the 4 of us.

Their water are all hot and cold for both the shower and the sink, the water flow is not that fast but the just enough. Let's conserve water!

I love the fan that absorbs the odor (so that it won’t come out to the room - I don't know what you call that, what do you call that by the way?) and the window slide was great. I think having the fan and at least a small window to let the air out is necessary these days to help with the odor.

We took a video of 4 of us inside the bathroom, we fit!

The Amenities

This hotel in Boracay have a gym, a restaurant, mini bar, function hall, and of course the pool. We were not able to use the pool because of the activities we booked, hopefully I’ll be able to do so one day (if I get the chance to come back to the hotel). And of course, we were not able to use the gym too. The hall though was used by Miss Earth 2014 pageant (not the coronation night!), so I’d say it can be a huge area.

The Restaurant

When we arrived at Boracay Holiday Resort it was already raining, we decided to eat at the hotel instead of going out and find a place to eat. We ate around 9:00pm and their restaurant closes at around 10:00pm, we’ve ordered the following:

Food Rating: 3 stars out of 5

Food Rating: 2 stars out of 5

Food Rating: 2.5 stars out of 5

Grilled Pork
Food Rating: 3 stars out of 5

Sadly, the service was really slow. We were really hungry, and it took more than 30 minutes to serve us. At first, the waiter did not gave me my garlic rice, then next thing we know he added one more grilled pork when we just ordered one (1).

Our order should be just one serving for each 3 dishes above and the Carbonara, 2 garlic rice, and a plain rice. What the waiter gave us was 2 servings of the pork, 1 garlic rice, and 1 plain rice - I think he wants me to go on a diet.

We waited for more than 30 minutes for my rice, and I asked him where's my garlic rice, and he said we didn't ordered 2 garlic rice. Sheeesh! I was really hungry already!

So, the total amount we need to pay is more than we’ve expected, and the waiter missed my rice (so it took about more than 30 minutes when I get to eat).

As for the breakfast they served, they serve a maximum of three (3) viands, some breads, rice, eggs, (powder) juice, fruits, brewed and instant coffee, fresh milk, and cereals.

Boracay Holiday Resort Rates

Please take note that these rates below are the rates they’ve provided me, since I asked the front desk before I left. These are the current rates for 2014:

Bachelor’s Pad
Rates are in Philippine Peso

We got the low season rates, since we were there from November 27 to 30, if you wish to add an extra bed it’s only P600/person (and I believe this is for low season). Since the hotel just give a free breakfast for 2 for our room, the other 2 of us either paid for 280/person for the buffet breakfast or just go to McDonalds which is just few walks away from the hotel (going to the beach).

Exotic Philippines Hotel Ratings

Time to rate Boracay Holiday Resort!

We don’t have much of a problem with the room. For the rate we got, the room is already huge and cheap for the group of 4 people. So, we’re like paying P1,000 each to be that comfortable.

As for the location, to be honest I didn’t know that it’s that near to the beach. That we could just walk. Most of the hotels in Boracay that I found are worth more than that, because they’re either near to the beach or beachfront, or probably a luxury hotel. It will just take about 5 minutes to walk from the hotel to the beach. 10 minutes if it's raining because the road going to the beach is not good.

For me, the hotel location is great for its price.

The food of their restaurant is okay, most of the food we tasted we (individually) rated it from 1 to 3 stars. Plus, the service is slow and the waiter messed up with our order. So make sure that you’ll be able to clarify your orders with the waiter, I totally forgot to check the waiter’s name though.

I believe they have a pool for kids, since when we eat our breakfast, there are kids in their swimming attire all wet and happy - or tired... and crying.. and sleepy.

Exotic Philippines rates the Boracay Holiday Resort with 3 stars out of 5 stars. It's not a luxury hotel but the hotel can serve your needs - a good place to sleep and rest, big rooms, pool.

Will I recommend the hotel? I’d say yes, if you love going to the beach or want to be near to the beach but want a bit cheaper price than other hotels then go for Boracay Holiday Resort.

Will you find other cheaper hotel? Yes, but most likely it’s not as near as this hotel to the beach or far from station 2 - where the party and goes.

Got something to share or ask about Boracay Holiday Resort? Please do feel free to leave it as a comment below. 

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