How Safe is Mindanao?

A lot of people that are not from the country assumed or thinks that the whole country is not safe to visit. Some also knows that Mindanao is the only affected area, and it’s safe to tour around Luzon and Visayas. But after how many years, how safe is Mindanao these days?

I was born and grew up in Bukidnon, Bukidnon is in Mindanao. I am not a Muslim, I did not grew up or born into a place with guns and bullets. But yes, I’ve held a gun, bullet, soldier phone (don’t know what they actually call that), and rifles that I usually see with Rambo movies. But then, it was a peaceful place to live and pollution free!

Knowing that NOT the entire Philippines is dangerous, or even that not the entire Mindanao is dangerous, I would like to at least clarify it to everyone who’s reading this blog post, and the Exotic Philippines that it’s only a small part of Mindanao that is unsafe to visit – as of now.

How can I say that there’s only a small part of the country that’s unsafe? While you’re hearing a number of bad news about the country or the area, and even some other government advisories says to avoid visiting Mindanao.

Other than me, as a living proof that it’s safe (since I just got back from there), I got the chance to talk and have a casual interview with Romeo Montenegro, the Director for Investment Promotion, International Relations and Public Affairs of the Mindanao Development Authority (MinDA) who answered all of our questions. But as of now, let me share with you one of the answered questions that I think you’ll be more interested in – since the other questions are more on the development of Mindanao.

Here’s a short video wherein Mr. Romeo Montenegro answered my question “How safe is Mindanao for travel and business?”.

Why did I asked this question? I haven’t been in Mindanao for 10 years, it was just last month when I got the chance to go back in the homeland, and I think it’s not good for me to say that MINDANAO IS SAFE when I haven’t been around the area for 10 years. Plus, there are a lot of beautiful places that are a must visit and must try. There are lot of hidden treasures in Mindanao itself, and it would be great that you’ll be able to try it yourself too.

For those who wants to visit Mindanao, at least try Davao city. It’s the safest city in Mindanao, thanks to Mayor Duterte and the people of Davao. I even tried walking in the street holding my DSLR camera and smartphone (which is not advisable here in Cebu), and no one is paying attention to me – awesome!

If you want to visit the other places in Mindanao, MinDa can help you with that. You can ask them directly if the place you wish to visit is safe, and if they think that it’s not that good but you still wish to go for it they can direct you to proper government agencies and/or departments to ensure your security.

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