12 Days of Black Friday Sale at Lamido

12 Days of Black Friday Sale at Lamido

Ever wished that there’s a black Friday sale here in the Philippines? Guess what, Lamido heard you! They’ll be having an ONLINE black Friday sale, wherein they’ll be offering up to 80%, free shipping, and cash on delivery payments options starting on December 1 to 12, 2014.

What is a Black Friday?

I’ve only heard of the Black Friday or know that there’s a Black Friday sale is in the US. I’ve never have tried it but I know how crazy is the sale in the US since my older sister lives there. Anyway, Black Friday is a known shopping day for a number of reasons. But mainly, it marks the unofficial Christmas season, Thanks Giving, and many of the employers during these days gives their employees a day off for Thanks Giving.

In the US, I’ve heard that with your $100 you can buy a lot of brand new stuff, great stuff, even gadgets. My sister just told me the other week that there’s a store announcing that they’ll sell their iPads for only $100 and their iPhones for around $90. And yes, it’s this season when I wish I could just go there and go shopping.

Lamido Black Friday Sale and Games

So anyway, good thing that we’ll be able to experience it here in the Philippines this time around with Lamido. Other than the sale Lamido will also be having some games for you guys to play every day and get the chance to win some awesome items! Here are some teasers of the games that you can join (shhh.. don’t tell them I told you):

Facebook Share Game

Share their banner posted on the Lamido fan page (make sure that it’s shared publicly so they can check), tag 12 of your friends, and tag Lamido (of course!). There will also be a “Facebook event” created by Lamido at their fan page, and you may invite your friends to join the game, the more friends you invite, the better chance you have to win the FREE PHONE.
Update (as of Dec. 2, 2014): The FREE phones to be given away are 10 Samsung E1200 (Dec 1-10), Star Mobile Vita (Dec 11) and Cherry Mobile Ruby (Dec 12) will be given away.

Post the Dream on Instragam

The game is really simple, all you have to do is select the FASHION item that you wish to purchase from the Lamido buy and sell website.

12 Days of Black Friday Sale at Lamido Travel Items Philippines

Make sure that it’s one of the items with a “Safepay payment option” and then of course upload the photo of the selected item on your personal Instagram account, tag and follow the Lamido Instagram account, use the hashtags  #lamidoph and #blackfridaysale, add the link (from the Lamido site) of the item as a caption, and tell them why you should win the item and give it to you for FREE!

12/12 Flash Sale

Great news WeChat users, on December 11, 2014 there will be 12 items that they’ll put up for sale to WeChat users (only) for P12.00 only. Lamido will sell another new item every 1 hour for the same prize. So there will be a total of 288 items to be sold for only P12. But the first one to check out the item, wins the prize!

Got it? Prepare your wallet and your budget for Lamido buy and sell website to let you experience the black Friday (crazy) sale!

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