Food Tempts – With Jpark Island Resort’s Abalone Restaurant

Great news! I got the chance to revisit Jpark Island Resort and Waterpark again, twice this year. Yay! But this time, I was invited for the presscon of their recent released app called Cebu Travel Guide App. But Jpark loves to feed the press, including me. Therefore, I have something about food to share with you.

This is a part of the new segment I decided to add, which is all about food and just photos of the food of restaurants or food trips I've been to or I'll be. It's like "food porn" but I want to avoid using the "P" word because people thinks that Exotic Philippines is a Rated PG blog, but it's not. Most likely because of the word Exotic.

Warning! If you’ll scroll down and continue reading or watching the whole post, I would like to apologize in advance for making you drool, feel hungry and/or make you hate me because I just like to. Sorry!

First off, let me show you the place where I ate with fellow bloggers.

It's the Jpark's Abalone Restaurant, it's not that busy that day since I was there lunch time. But still, there are quiet a number of dishes to choose from.

Please note that this new segment of the blog is just purely series of photos, no description, no naming of the food but the photos may and hopefully make you drool.

Ready? Here we go!

I don't have the details if you could just go to Jpark and just have a food trip. But their local rate for day use is just now P2,500 instead of around P3,000 before (when they're using the Imperial franchise).

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