Argao's Guilang Tableya - Chocolate from 100% Pure Cacao Beans

Argao's Guilang Tableya - Chocolate from 100% Pure Cacao Beans

Since I was a kid, if I want something simple, sweet and tummy fulfilling meal, all I need is the tablea and rice to make the delicious champorado! Champorado is actually just a chocolate rice, well, unless you want to add some milk on it (which is best) it will be chocolate milk rice. Which I think it's one of the first food that I learned to cook myself, it's super easy to make and delicious for a sweet tooth like me.

I was visiting Argao a couple of days ago to see and roam around to find out what Argao can offer and I was totally excited to see in person how the tablea is made.

Guilang's Tableya

Guilang's tablea have been around since 1948, and of course the person who started this business is Lola Guilang who I met when I visited their mini factory.

The Making of Argao's Guilang Tableya

Lola Guilang is a 89 years old woman now, who still oversees the making of her delicious tablea where her grand children are also taking part of. She can't hear well anymore but she's still in the business.

We went first to the area where you can see their Cacao trees, where they also harvest their Cacao beans right from their backyard. Here's one big bucket of the beans that they harvest from their own Cacao trees:

The Making of Argao's Guilang Tableya

Actually, at first when you go down you'll be able to see someone putting the beans in their machine, I think it's the one grinding the beans.

The Making of Argao's Guilang Tableya

Here's a close up of the machine they're using.

The Making of Argao's Guilang Tableya Machine

Of course, let's have a closer look of the chocolate dripping from the machine. Warning though, you might drool.

The Making of Argao's Guilang Tableya from Cacao Beans

 I told you that you'll drool. While I was actually shooting this one, I can't stop drooling. I can totally smell the chocolate and the only thing that's stopping me from dipping my fingers on it or buy a biscuit and dip it there is that knowing that it's not sweet.

Sadly, I have to come back around 3pm since the rest of the gang are gone to deliver their product at the airport. But when I did came back, I saw this guy mixing the chocolate that came from the machine which I believe they left there for hours to let it settle in, that's why the guy below have to mix it to make it a bit softer.

The Making of Argao's Guilang Tableya

After that, he'll pass it to one of these guys who are the ones that will make it into round tablets and let it dry for hours.

The Making of Argao's Guilang Tableya

I wasn't able to wait a lot longer to see how they pack the product but here's a close up of the tablea before they leave it to start getting hard.

Argao's Guilang Tableya

I bought 2 packs of their product so that I'll be able to test and taste it, it actually looks great so better test it to see if it taste good too. My Mama used it for champorado and hot chocolate, and my Mama totally loved it! You can really taste the pureness of it, that it's all 100% pure cacao beans.

Want to place an order? Luckily I got their contact info and you may contact Josh, Lola Guilang's grandson via mobile number (+63) 932 - 6073 - 311 (sun) or telephone number (032) 485-8438. The primary photo above is a tube size worth P150/tube and they also have a pack worth P100/pack, I bought the smaller pack for P65.

They're very open to visitors but I think it's best to contact them first on the best time to visit them. But anyway, I'll share to you more of the products I found at Argao Cebu Philippines that I think most of you will love to try.

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