AsiaRooms Blogger Awards 2014 is Here!

AsiaRooms Blogger Awards 2014

It used to be on the month of June when blog awarding bodies starts getting nominations for their awards, and I totally did not check any last month – busy with my part time job, traveling. Luckily, I was contacted by AsiaRooms asking if I would like to nominate myself and invite each of you (who’s reading my blog) to enter my blog as a nominee.

Of course I’ll be submitting mine, but I will not make it to the list without your help. So, if you would like to help and support my blog, help it get recognize (again, since most of you guys did support me for these past 3 years), do please feel free to enter and submit my blog for AsiaRooms Blogger Awards 2014.

They’ll ask a few information about you (like your name and email), and they’ll also ask about the person you would like to nominate, which in this case is me. But first off, go to the AsiaRooms Blogger Awards 2014 nomination page and enter the following info about me (if you’d like to nominate me):

Nominee Name: Gay Aida Dumaguing
Nominee Website:
Twitter: @agigil
Instagram: @agigil
Award Category: Hotel Review Guru / Foodie Blog

I gave two (2) category options that I want to join, and that you can submit me to. I’m a bit puzzled which one should I go for, so I’ll let you guys decide on this. I have published few hotel reviews or featured hotels this year, but there are 2 hotel reviews coming the following months. As for the foodie blog, I have more food trip posts this year and there are a lot more. That is from food products, to food trip, food reviews and more.

You may also support me through their Instagram category, I can’t decide yet for now which photo should I post and submit as an entry, but I’ll surely update this post anytime this week or next week with the link to my Instagram photo. You’ll be able to support me through just LIKING my photo.

For those who will enter and submit my blog and give their full support, thank you very much in advance. You've helped me become the top #7 Cebu Blog for Best Cebu Blogs last year and hopefully this year, I'll also get your warm support. Please do feel free to vote your other favorite travel bloggers for the AsiaRooms Blogger Awards 2014.

I have other exciting news to share to you (officially here in the blog) this month but I’ll have to wait for something else and I’ll totally share it here. But surely, if you’re able to follow me or a fan on my fan page, then you surely have read about the latest updates. So keep the love warm and coming!

Thank you for your 3 years of love and support!

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