McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Grand Graduation 2014

McDonalds Kiddie Crew Grand Graduation in Cebu 2014

I was one of the HAPPY people that got invited to come to the Kiddie Crew Grand Graduation of McDonald’s in Cebu just this Sunday, May 25, 2014 and that is of course in behalf of the Exotic Philippines blog. They encourage me to tag along some kids, and took my three (3) little girls of my brother. They were even more excited than I do because they’re starting to be a fan of McDonald’s lately, since the fast food chain is not that accessible in the area that we live.

When we arrived, the hall was full of kids in uniforms (obviously the Kiddie Crews) plus they seem to be really busy with a lot of activities that they could do. Like the face painting, photo booth, ring toss, basketball hoops, and there are also some toys from the previous happy meals available there. I even loved the towel, but didn’t buy one.

The alarm rang, and it was a signal to go inside the hall where there are seats arranged and the stage is set up. The music then started and everyone are so alive that most of us at the back stand up just to see the high jumps, exhibitions, and of course the McDonald's mascots and the beautiful Mom and actress Jackie Lou Blanco.

We danced, clean up a virtual room, and even got a surprise from Ronald McDonald who was hiding just right at my back. I wasn’t able to shoot a video for the whole program since I was excited too and played along (like a little girl) so I was able to shoot a part of the program. Which was a great timing since it’s the important part, where the Kiddie Crews are officially done with their summer workshop at McDonald’s.

So if you want to check out the part that I was able to shoot, check out the video below:

(My niece keeps on shaking and hugging me, so sorry about the shaky video)

This year’s Kiddie Crew Grand Graduation theme was all about the hero within the kids plus the value of sharing. Wherein the kids, parents, families and friends were encourage to share their blessings to the families affected in Tacloban and Bohol through the Kiddie Crew Coin bank to be able to build the flagship program McDo Bahay Bulilit that serves as a day care center for less fortunate.

I remember that one of my classmates in collage was also a Kiddie Crew, and I thought that this summer heritage workshop was just recent but it actually existed for 22 years already. And obviously, as years passes by, more and more kids join their workshop which results to this year’s series of grand graduation – from Laguna, Pampanga, Bacolod, Cagayan de Oro, Davao, Metro Manila and of course Cebu.

Let me grab this chance to give my big thanks to Ms. Mica and of course everyone from McDonald’s for giving me and my niece a chance to experience and witness all these.

Here are a couple of Instagram photos that I would like to share to everyone because we can’t stop smiling because we’re just happy!

Thank you McDonald’s for bringing happiness!

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