Magellan Shrine - The Battle of Mactan and the Defeat of Magellan

Magellan Shrine The Battle of Mactan and the Defeat of Magellan

Just a couple of weeks ago, the city of Lapu-Lapu in Cebu Philippines have again celebrated and reenact the battle of Mactan. Last your I've joined and witnessed it but this time around, due to my busy schedule I didn't get the time to roam around. So I think it's just right to post something about it.

When describing the beautiful island of Mactan, it is almost impossible to avoid telling of its rich culture, explosive history, and unique religion. This is a popular tourist attraction, but one that has a bloody past. It is the exciting and engaging battle of Mactan that makes this island such a rich landscape to visit.

The Battle of Mactan and the Defeat of Magellan

The battle of Mactan involved the well-known explore from Portugal, Ferdinand Magellan and the hero Lapu-Lapu.  This is only a small portion of the island's history, but perhaps one of the most important moments on its time-line. The exploration of the Philippines during the 1200 A.D had Filipinos moving south. South of the Philippines is the Mactan island, but it is only one of the beautiful islands off of the coast.

Magellan, the famed explorer, discovered the Philippines when he was searching for a new, westward route to the islands of Moluccas. At one point during this exploration, he ordered that all of his ships place anchor off of the ports of Homonhon Island. From this island, he was led to the beautiful land of Cebu, which he then claimed as Spanish territory. In his name, the Philippines were ordered to pay a large tribute to the rule of Spain, Carlos, the Count of Molina.

Lapu-Lapu was a local hero and leader of the Mactan tribes. He opposed this horrible Spanish rule and stated that no man would pay a tribute to Charles V. To solve this dispute, Magellan took a his men to the Mactan islands. However, nature proved to be on the side of Lapu-Lapu during the battle of Mactan. The coral reef would not allow the ships to pull close enough to utilize their immense firepower. The battle of Mactan ended in Magellan's defeat at the hands of Lapu-Lapu.

The Magellan Shrine

Today, these islands are a popular tourist attraction in Lapu-Lapu City. If you have not visited the island, then you should place it high on your list of vacation destinations. It has incredible scenery that cannot be found elsewhere in the world. While there, you can learn more of the history of the island, the power of Lapu-Lapu, and the defeat of the Spanish. The Mactan island also houses interesting religious secrets and a powerful mythology. This is the perfect destination for those history buffs who also want to have a good time. An experience you can find in no museum.

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