Rude Hand Gestures from Around the World

Rude Hand Gestures from Around the World

We have habits that we think it's just nothing or didn't notice it at all. Sometimes we have to check ourselves and see if there are anything about us that may offend or may make someone else not comfortable with you, especially if you're visiting other countries.

So here's an infographic I found online that could help us check ourselves and see what are the hand gestures that we may have been doing without knowing that to some people or countries it can make someone be offended.

There's one from the Philippines, the "call the dog" hand gesture. I think I'm not that offended (as a Filipina) by that sign because of watching too much western TV series, and understand it as seducing someone. But yes, you can go to prison here (or worse be ban) in the Philippines if you "at least" offended a Filipino citizen.

Self Check!

Surprisingly, there are some habits or hand gestures I do that may get someone be offended and they are:

The V Sign

We do use the V sign here, we do use it as a sign of PEACE or pose for a photo like the Koreans do. I do that a lot since back in high school, I guess I should stop it since I've been wanting to visit the UK.

Thumbs Up

Another hand gesture that I do when I don't want to say "Okay" or "great job", I just do the thumbs up. But I think a lot of people do this, right?

The A-Ok

Another meaning (for me) for this sign other than "okay" is a money sign.

Hands in Your Pocket

I'm a bit boyish type of girl, and whenever I wear jeans, jacket or any clothes where I can put my hands on its pocket. I usually do this to keep my hands warm, especially if I'm nervous or I'm in a cold place.

Crossed Fingers

I think not only us Filipinos do this, but also westerners. We do this when we don't mean what we promise.

How about you? Do you have any hand gestures that may offend someone?

Photo Credits: Salvatore Vuono

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