5 Best Ways To Enjoy Adventure Travel

5 Best Ways To Enjoy Adventure Travel

Adventure travel can be one of the most rewarding ways to go, but not if you aren't prepared for all that it may have to offer! Choose your destination and venue, then make sure you have a checklist to take care of all the little necessities. It's the only way to fully enjoy the awe and amazement of travel like this.

Pack Lightly If You Can

Bringing only the essentials with you will allow greater focus on the adventure itself and not the typical hassles. Pack the items that will keep you comfortable and safe, rather than a lot of  the"just in case" things you might feel inclined to have with you. Adventure travel usually doesn't involve high heels and board shorts, so be practical when packing!

Have A Contact At Your Destination

Particularly if you're traveling to an out of the way place, it's important to make a connection with someone before you leave. Even if it's just a few extra conversations with your hotel clerk, so that he or she will recognize and watch out for you while you're around. The best connection would be a native, but that may not be possible if you plan on crossing the Siberian taiga! Talk to someone at your Embassy or Consulate at the very least.

Obey Local Customs And Traditions

Whether swimming with dolphins around the Greek Isles or rock climbing up the Andes, knowing how to behave with the people around you is an essential part of enjoying the your whole adventure travel. While you obviously won't set out to offend, customs can be so quirky that you may inadvertently misrepresent yourself. Always keep a phrasebook with you, unless you are fluent in the local language.

Document Your Travel

Stopping to film your adventure should never get in the way of fun or compromise your safety, but it should be high on your list of priorities. Bring easy to operate equipment that won't weigh you down, and make good use of it. These are memories that last a lifetime and will help you tell your stories of adventure to others.

The Best Destinations For Adventure Travel

Europe is still your best bet with biking or hiking, unless you really want to get crazy with it. Traditional mountain climbing is most enjoyable where the trails are worn, but don't think you can't blaze your own trail! You can reach new heights in China or right in the United States, however; avoid drawing the attention of search and rescue teams by keeping a safe and smart itinerary.

Try a guided tour of Switzerland's Valais region. Set off on a Mayan jungle adventure with a local showing you the way. You could also look for fantastic adventure travel right in your own country, just avoid the high-traffic tourist areas and find something exciting that you've never done before.

While you want your trip to be exciting, you don't want it full of surprises! Plan it well, have everything you need and get ready for the vacation of a lifetime.

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