Rico's Lechon Review

Ricos Lechon Review

June this year was my 26th birthday and I’ve decided to make it simple but still having a delicious dinner with my family. So I had lechon for my birthday, and since I never tried the famous Rico’s Lechon before and have not yet posted a review on the blog, I decided to order lechon from Rico.

I usually have my lechon from CnT lechon, also a known lechon restaurant (they just serve lechon to their customers) but I got curious with Rico’s lechon because it’s the favorite of known personalities in the Philippines – such as Kris Aquino and even the former President of the Philippines, Joseph Estrada.

How to Place an Order?

Everything that you need is actually stated on Rico’s Lechon official site, but let me share with everyone here the simple and easy steps in placing an order.

  • Choose the size. Well, of course it’s important that you know the size that you’ll need for your gathering or party. It’s a good initiative by the company to include the estimated number of persons that could finish it. In this way, you’ll also get an idea on what size you’ll want to have.
  • Spicy or not. I would suggest to go for the spicy one, if you’re up to it. It give a different taste compared to other lechon.
  • Delivered on your doorstep. Well, obviously if you’re not in Cebu you’ll need it delivered. As for me, I still have it delivered since I don’t have my own car and I don’t want to hassle myself going through traffic and spend the time to travel to get it. They don’t deliver outside Cebu city to Lapu-Lapu city, maybe because it will be too far.
  • Pay the down payment. As for me, since I’m from Cebu they only require me to pay at least 50% of the total price. They offer different payment method, you can pay them via Bank, Check, Cebuana, MLhuiller and LBC. I paid via bank deposit (online), if you’re paying them online make sure you’ll be able to provide screenshots for them be able to track your payment.
  • E-mail Susan. I think Susan is the wife of Rico, and you need to email her the screenshot or scan it as a proof of payment. You’ll also need to include additional more details, and most likely she will send a reply within 24 hours about your order.

Rico’s Lechon Review

So I have a breakdown of the couple of important remarks, it’s usually my format in reviewing any product or service, or even hotels (if you’ve noticed it here in Exotic Philippines). But this one will be just two (2) breakdowns and they’re the following:


I would like to give a 5 star on this for them. I asked them to deliver it around 7PM since my brother said he’ll be able to make it just around that time. They’ve delivered it around 5:30PM all wrapped up.

Rico’s Lechon

As posted on my previous posts about lechon, and even on my review on Cebuboy Lechon, I am not much of a fan of it. I mean, I do eat it but it’s not my favorite. So I would like to leave this again to my Mama who’s a big fan of lechon – since we transferred here in Cebu especially when we live in Guadalupe (near the CnT Guadalupe) we eat lechon every Sunday.

Ricos Lechon

My Mama would rate the famous Rico’s lechon 4 out 5 stars. She said “it’s delicious, a bit unique because of its spicy but better than other ordinary lechon that you can buy anywhere.

Will I recommend it? Definitely, but you might also want to try CnT to get the difference of the taste and know for yourself which one is the best. But I think CnT has a lot more places to choose from, you can dine in there and order by Kilo. Rico’s Lechon on the other hand, I’m not sure if you can eat there but I’ve seen photos of celebrities eating there but there’s only one location you can find them.

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