How to Get Rid of Cruise Misconceptions as You Travel?

Cruise Travel

Cruises are one of those things people either love or hate. Many who fall into the "hate" column, however, have never even been on a cruise. They bases their opinion on misconceptions and hearsay.

One of these misconceptions is that being stuck on a ship for seven to eight days is going to be boring. This couldn't be further from the truth. Of course, the larger the ship the more there is to do, but cruise ships are designed to provide their guests with choices and generally there is plenty to do no matter what ship you are on.

For many, the primary purpose of going on a cruise is to lounge around a swimming pool and maybe nurse a margarita - or three. That's fine. They're on vacation and the point is to relax. But there are plenty of other activities from which to choose if that is NOT your idea of a good time. These other activities are designed to get you mixing with other people. There are classes to attend that include such variety as learning to make those cute towel animals to painting pottery to gourmet cooking. They even offer dancing lessons. Then there are games such as Trivial Pursuit, Bingo or Name That Tune.

In addition, there are services such as the spa where you can have your hair done for the upcoming formal night, or get a massage - even a couples massage if you wish. There is usually a movie theater on board so you can pop in an catch a flick; or you can enjoy the age-old pursuit of people watching from your table at the coffee shop on the Promenade.

The evenings offer even more entertainment. These days you have a variety of restaurants from which to choose in addition to the regular gourmet dining room or the buffet. There are usually several places to go if you enjoy dancing or the bar scene. There is the regularly scheduled entertainment in the theater each evening ranging from variety shows to comedy shows and, on some ships, even a full Broadway play! For the younger set, you have climbing walls, surfing and teen parties. The daily Karaoke events are also always good for a laugh.

So far we've only covered what you can do on-board the ship, but let's not forget the ports and the opportunities for unique and exciting excursions. You can visit ancient Mayan ruins or go scuba diving and para-sailing. Then there is cave tubing or zip-lining across the jungle canopy in a rain forest. There is hiking, horseback riding, even on the beach, or just touring an island you have never seen before.

Cruising may not be for everyone, but don't buy into the misconceptions. Give it a try yourself. The best way to get an accurate feel for cruising is to take at least a 6-7 day cruise; the shorter ones are pretty much designed for the party crowd. There is something for everyone on a cruise ship if you know where to look!

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