Tips To Make Yours a Great Camping Experience

Camping Experience

In order to have a great camping experience, it's wise to plan ahead. A trip can be ruined if you forget to pack vital equipment. The best way to prevent that is to prepare a checklist to use when stocking the car or camper for the trip.

Making a List and Checking It Twice

Actually, twice is not enough. Check your list often and make adjustments as needed. It helps to keep a basic camping checklist on your computer to print up whenever needed and to tailor to your particular trip. For instance, you will require certain items in a colder climate that you will not need in a warmer climate. You would also pack differently for a tent camping trip than you would traveling in a motor home. Below are some basics you will want on your checklist:

* Bedding (comforters or sleeping bags) and other tent supplies
* Cookware and utensils
* Toiletries
* A change of clothes (or three)
* Bug spray, sunscreen and a first aid kit
* Food, snacks and bottled water (Don't forget the can opener and corkscrew)
* Flashlights, batteries, matches, extension cords, and such

Think about what will be needed to make yourself comfortable when you sleep, eat, swim. Pack comfortable shoes for hiking. A clothesline and clothes pins are useful for hanging wet swimsuits; and it's always a good idea to have disinfectant wipes along.

Know What Facilities Are Nearby

Is your campsite close to a general store? Even with all that planning, there is a strong likelihood you will forget something ... like toilet paper. Does your campground provide showers and restroom facilities? How far is the nearest medical facility in case of emergency?

Having a flat tire can be far more than just an inconvenience when pulling a trailer or pop-up camper. It's always good to know where the nearest auto maintenance or tire store is.

Plan to Have Fun

If you prepare well ahead of time, then you can concentrate your efforts on just having fun while on your camping trip. Enjoy the great outdoors. Take lots of photographs. Collect flowers to press in a journal or scrapbook. Go hiking, swimming, boating, horseback riding - do all the things that serve to make yours a great camping experience.

Make sure to include games on your list also, especially if kids are along. Lawn darts are always fun and Frisbee. It's always good to include a deck of cards, board games and such also for a rainy day. We always loved Yahtzee and Boggle. Balderdash or Scattergories are also good for a laugh.

Camping is a great way for the family to bond and a good change of pace, especially for those whose careers keep them indoors most of the time.

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