Wedding Caricature for Wedding Favors

Wedding Caricature for Wedding Favors

One of the problems of the bride and groom for their wedding day is what should they have for their wedding favors. And as some of you might be aware of I've got my other blog, Bloggers Tech, where I share and blog about techie stuff and there I have posted my Caricature Yourself service.

Caricature is an art where it is drawn by a caricature artist, a portrait wherein a persons characteristics is being exaggerated to create a comic or cartoon grotesque effect.

A lot of our customers in this service loves our caricatures and one of the in demand these days are the wedding caricatures - wherein most of them are planning to have it printed on the card or wedding invitation, or have it on their wedding favors for their guest and have their guests take home that unique gift for them.

So since we've been talking about weddings here, I felt that it would be just right to share this with everyone here in the blog. Giving a gift idea for the soon to be husband and wife...

Wedding Caricatures

So I've prepared a video where I have demonstrated and showed some of the caricatures wedding we made for our customers on this service. It's a three (3) minute long video, quite long but I think you'll be able to enjoy watching the video. The video is from my other blog and I just want to share this everyone here to get a better view and glance on the caricatures we made.

What Can YOU do with the Wedding Caricatures

So what can you do with the caricature that you've ordered from our service, there are a lot of things you can do actually but here are some ideas I have for you:

Bride and Groom Caricature as a Thank You Card

If you're able to watch the video, the last caricature wedding was a thank you card for their guests who took time to attend their wedding. They have it printed and sent to their guests days after their wedding.
You may also want it printed as an invitation card for your guests, showing how fun and unique your wedding will be.

Bride and Groom Caricature as a Welcome Sign

Have your caricature(s) printed in human size, you may either print it as a trampolin or in a standing board and place it somewhere your guests will be able to see. Most of our customers placed it on the entrance, a welcome sign and a noticeable mark for the guests that they're on the right place.

Bride and Groom Caricature for Wedding Favors

You can place your wedding caricature on any item that you want, from shirts, miniatures and lots of stuff. You may also have it printed on the gift bag where you'll have your gifts.

Guests Caricatures for Wedding Favors

Here's my favorite idea, but it demands the budget since we'll be making a custom made cartoon caricature for each of your guests. This was actually and originally done by one of our customers in France, where she sent the photos of all confirmed guests.

Check out some of the photos that the newly weds send us:

They sent us a lot of photos actually, and basing to the photos they sure did enjoyed the caricatures we made. Everyone is showing off their custom caricatures, and showing it to their family and friends. You can see their happy faces too!

Order YOUR Caricatures Here!

We only not cater wedding caricatures, we're able to create custom cartoon caricatures for everyone and anyone - well, as long as you're willing to pay. We've already made some caricatures for entrepreneurs (even CEOs). Just click on the link above and it will redirect you to the service page, or just go directly to

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