19 Resorts in Mactan Island

19 Resorts in Mactan Island

Mactan Island Resorts are at least one hour away from the city center of Cebu City, where the Sinulog festival will be held. But quiet a lot of foreigners prefer to stay at beach resorts in Mactan because hey, you're in a tropical island, so why not stay somewhere the beach?

Anyway, if you love the beach and prefer to stay at Cebu City rather than in beach resorts in Mactan, that's alright, there are also resorts where you could spend your day, even some Mactan resorts are available for day use.

And so, few more days and it will be the most awaited festival of the Cebuanos, the Sinulog festival and as few days ago I've been providing list of hotels in Cebu City, hotels in Mandaue City and today I want to share a list of Mactan resorts.

There are quite a lot of Lapu-Lapu Resorts and most of them are known already and offers a lot of activities on their location. I've been to most of these Mactan Cebu resorts, there are some of these that I want to go to but just waiting for the chance to be able to do so.

Mactan and Lapu-Lapu City

There are a lot of people that are confused on where is Mactan and Lapu-Lapu City, and that it's not Mactan and that it's Lapu-Lapu City, vice versa. And since I'm staying and have been living here for years, let me share this with everyone.

Mactan is an island and that is the whole island and not a part of an island - that's why it's called Mactan Island. Mactan Island is divided into two part, and that is the Lapu-Lapu City and the Municipality of Cordova.

So if you're looking for Mactan Resorts it's the same when you say Mactan Island Resorts, so you'll be talking about the whole island and will be looking for both beach resorts in Lapu-lapu City and Cordova.

19 20 Resorts in Mactan Cebu

So as the whole purpose of this post, below you'll find the 19 resorts in Mactan Cebu where most of these lined up around the Mactan Island because of course, they're a resort and they need the beach. Yes, they're all Lapu-Lapu City beach resorts that I can find online, hear from people, and know of.

The list is sorted according to the recommended Mactan Cebu resorts through number of bookings, reviews and other basis. There may be more additional beach resorts in Mactan in the future.

Also, as one of the features in this blog, just by clicking the BOOK NOW button, you'll be redirected to the hotel page where you could get to know more about the hotel features and amenities, be able to take a look at the different booking prices from different hotel booking sites.

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Please do take note that these are a list of Mactan Island resorts, and some may be a hotel too at the same time. So you could be able to stay for days on these resorts. One of the known beach resort in Lapu-Lapu City are the Plantation Bay Resort, Crimson Resort and Spa, and Imperial Palace Waterpark Resort and Spa (now known as Jpark Island Resort and Waterpark).

I hope these list of Mactan and Lapu-Lapu City beach resorts will be able to help you in your search of having that best time here in Cebu and get to enjoy the tropical sun.

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