List of Hotels in Cebu City Philippines

List of Hotels in Cebu City Philippines

I can't count anymore how many times I've been asked through here in Exotic Philippines on what is the best or my suggested list of Hotels in Cebu City Philippines.

I've been living in Cebu for quiet a long time already, though before I started living here my family and I have been already visiting Cebu at least once a year because my Mom is from Cebu.

So every time we come here and visit, we sometimes try other hotels in Hotels in Cebu City Philippines but we usually stay at Hotel de Mercedes which is located downtown - which I'm afraid to recommend to foreigners since downtown is not a safe place to stay for foreigners but if you're used or want to challenge yourself, then go ahead.

Anyway, what I usually say to these people who ask me about hotels in Cebu is what are their preferences. The minimalist style might be just fine with me, and for you it might not pass. So I don't usually recommend a hotel right away without knowing what they need, what they're looking for and why they are here.

Since we have our very own HOTEL SEARCH, COMPARE AND BOOKING ENGINE here in Exotic Philippines (click here to try it!), I found a way - that I hadn't realized before - to quickly have the list of hotels in Cebu with no sweat!

Also, we all know that SINULOG will be celebrated this month I think it would be just right if I provide you with these hotels and below you’ll find a list of hotels in Cebu City Philippines and by default it is sorted according to RECOMMENDED hotels basing from other sites and of course the hotels that we noticed that are booked more comparing with the others.

These are only the TOP 5 list, and it may change anytime since what you are seeing right now is a LIVE VIEW from the Exotic Philippines Hotel Search Engine. If hotel stars matter for you, you may just click on the STARS link, and it will sort according to their hotel stars, that is also the same with the Distance and guest rating. You can also book these hotels in Cebu right away by clicking on the BOOK NOW button or just click on the name of the hotel to find out more.

Top 10 Recommended List of hotels in Cebu City Philippines

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Through visiting the page of the Exotic Philippines Hotel Search Engine results on list of hotels in Cebu Philippines, you will be able to find more hotels and filter your search according to your needs. I’ll be providing a tutorial how to this soon, I've got a lot on my list of things to do in the blog, especially that I’m also working at the new features of this blog and also for my own company.

But hopefully, you’ll be able to find the hotels listed above and on the list of hotels in the link provided will be helpful in your search of hotels in Cebu. There are more a lot of topics to share, hotel info, business services reviews coming up and of course I’m also working on the Exotic Philippines services - better watch this out!

If you need any help, questions or need some tips please don’t hesitate to contact me. No worries, you’ll not be the first one. There are already quite a lot of people who have contacted me via the fan page and e-mail about visiting Philippines, some even asked about their airline booking - I feel like I’m a travel agent now.

There are actually more list of hotels in Cebu coming and more list and information to dig in to get the best Philippine experience.

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