Doggie Teached Me How to Doggie

No, I don't mean the Teach Me How to Doggie dance. Doggie is the closest dog in my heart whom I've shared more than 10 years of my childhood with. Doggie is not the one in the photo, but she looks like that. Black hair, white hair in the chest, brown eyes, lovely smile and with a wonderful heart.

The Doggie Day

Before Doggie came to my life, as the youngest of the family and with 5 years gap with my older sister I certainly don't have anyone else to play with. I talk to myself, I pretend I have friends named "Martilyo" (Hammer) and "Lansang" (Nails), and yes they're tools of my Dad, and I get them from the toolbox to go to school with me - well that is to my pretend school, at the back of the car.

The first time I saw Doggie, I totally fall in love with her, but my Dad did not buy her immediately since we are waiting for my Mom and we need to have permission to have a dog in our house. As the seller of Doggie (yes, she's being sold at the street in the Market), I stare at her and prayed nobody will buy her because I want to have her.

Minutes came by, and I lost sight of her and then my Mom came and we told her about Doggie and guess what!? - She said no!, But still I win because I in the corner of the car, stare outside the window and my tears falling down from my face. So yes, we tried to look for the seller and obviously we found them and got her!

Who's Doggie in my Life?

I actually don't know what her breed is, and I never actually care. With her adorable face, sweet smile and our cuddles who cares about what breed she is, right?

There was one time when our house got flooded, the water was about as high as my father's knee, and as my parents and siblings tries to gather our things so it won't go outside the house, Doggie sat down beside me as ordered by my father that she's in-charge of me. She was bigger than I am, and she's an adult dog already that time.

But I don't know what's going on my mind that I saw my toy floating around and went down and try to get it. I slipped and dive into the flood and was dragged by the flood going outside our house. Doggie jumped in and grab my shirt, and barked at my Daddy. As she try to get my Dad's attention she gave her best to hold on and not to let the flood to drag us outside. Luckily, my Dad was able to hear her after few barks and he ran to us and grabbed me, and Doggie, place us to the sofa and then I hugged Doggie but in a shock.

Doggie gave birth when we transferred to other area in our province and one time our dogs even reached a total of 17 dogs because I don't want to give them away because they're family. They're Doggie's family and so they are my family too.

Doggie is not only my dog, she's my best friend, my sister, my mother and my life guard. I felt like, I've got a dog who was born for me to be safe, to be loved unconditionally.

At the Present..

As I am writing this post, I have 5 adult dogs and 1 puppy, and they are Chowder, Kiara, Sushi, Kovu, Coco and our baby Buchi.

Aspins - Filipino Dogs

I was with a foreigner once, and he told me that he was actually shocked that he see some dogs here in Cebu, Philippines that are well taken care of. Sadly it's true. There are lots of dogs in the street, homeless dogs and dogs who are in need of health care and attention, and sadly some dogs who need to be rescued. The problem is in the Philippines,  there are only few ANIMAL RESCUE ORGANIZATIONS. We do have dog pounds, but the government did not provide enough budget for them, so they genuinely need help.

Honestly, so far I've heard of 2 animal rescue organizations and one of them is the Island Rescue Organization (IRO), the ONE AND ONLY animal rescue organization in Cebu and they truly need help. They have already started to rescue and gave dogs some home and one of them is the dog named PATROL.

IRO has done a exceptional job in helping Patrol and the other dogs rescued by the organization. Without the help of its members, their founder and current organization president Ma'am Hena Hernandez, the cooperation of the Cebuano's, the Cebu government and of course to the generous sponsors who shared their time and money, IRO cannot be able to do this all alone.

Now, in behalf of IRO, or just think about the dogs who needs home, who needs a family, who needs the best friend just like Doggie to love and care, to hug and kiss and to be with until his life ends. We would like to knock your hearts and ask for your help in helping IRO in any way you can in helping dogs, cats and other living animals to be rescued, helped and given a chance to live a life that they should have.

As to touch your hearts and let you feel how I feel in meeting these dogs and knowing their situations here are the previous and some current situations:

Help Us Save MORE LIVES!

I witness the growth of IRO and as how much Doggie tries to save my life I want to help all of these dogs too. If only, and only if I've got the financial status to help and keep them but then, I am not. So I do hope through this blogathon I will be able to help IRO, in my own small way of helping in growing the organization, helping and saving more dogs.

I'm 25 now, going 26 next year, and it will be 20 years of having this heart and care to these dogs. So what do I mean by Doggie teach me to how to doggie? Well, dogs are mans best friend, our very loyal and helpful friend. You get to shout out them, get mad, and they eat their pride because they love you and instead of getting angry they go near to you slowly and gently to kiss you.

Doggie teached me how to understand, care, how they should be treated, how to listen, what they love from their owner and that all of your investments in terms of money, efforts and love you'll surely get more than that from them. That's how Doggie teached me how to doggie and I'll bring it with me as long as I live.

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