Fun, Fit and Adventurous Summer!

It’s already the month of March here in the Philippines, and that means we all can smell the summer here. It’s not just the smell, but the heat and that feeling of wanting to grab a chance to have an experience of a lifetime!
I think it was last year that I really want to try out this adventure, I just didn’t get the chance to do it because of work and other stuff. Luckily, few days ago I get to go and try out some adventure, tagging along with my good friends of course!

Activities, events, invitations from friends to try out some activities or to visit some place, relatives may also invite you to come and join them and this is our chance to grab the opportunity to be able to get to taste and experience some adventure and at the same time be fit and healthy yet in a fun and engaging way.


I work at home, so I just get to walk just when I want to pee, I want to get some food or water or when I just want to walk. Fitness experts say you could at least start or at least give yourself a 30 minutes’ walk a day, so that you could help your body.

Trekking is a long journey of walk, so have a good and reliable shoes with you. I love the Sketchers GoRun shoes, though it's meant for running or walking around to exercise yourself, I think the spikes could totally hold on to the rocks and it actually designed for you to experience all surface you walk. I've got Sketchers shoes myself since I was a kid, and I love how comfortable my feet on it. With the Sketchers GoRun shoes, though it's not made for trekking you will totally love walking with it because of its impulse sensors that isolates points of contact, it promotes mid-foot strike, roomier forefoot, it's radically lightweight that you feel like walking or running around barefoot, it's flexible and easily adjust your foot and position on every step you make, and with it you'll be able to feel and react more than any other shoes.

What’s great with trekking is that, at the same time is that you get to be with Mother Nature again and be able to spend some time with yourself or with your friends or family. Don’t forget to bring with you some water, also back it up with Gatorade to keep your body hydrated and letting yourself enjoy the whole scene and trekking.

Also, gear up yourself with a great quality sun glass like the Spyder shades which is totally great because it will adjust the brightness when your in under the sun or not and also that is to protect your eyes from the tropical sun and also grab a watch with you to keep track with time like the Spyder Sports watch.

Waterfalls Exploring

To explore these waterfalls you must do some trekking, and witnessing these breath taking view it is worth it to trek and a great prize for yourself after a long journey of walk.

Though to some it’s scary and dangerous, it could be a great challenge yet fun to try for you. You have to pass and walk on some big pointy rocks and some of these rocks may be slippery so watch your step.

When you get there, you could relax and dip into the cold water and enjoy the moment.


Get wet and swim into the waterfalls. Give your arms and legs some exercise. Get to have a relaxing experience while floating with the ambiance of the peaceful environment. Swimming is one of the great ways to get yourself fit and exercise your body, at the same time enjoy the activity you’re doing.


People who are afraid of heights don’t want to dare to do this but it’s time to face your fears and live your dreams! My knees even shake when I’m just on the second floor and see I’m on the edge, what more if I’m being pushed to cross to the other side through a line.

Adventure parks make sure that you won’t have any accident, as for me they put 5 supports just to make sure I’m safe.  

Wake boarding

Test how strong is your joints, legs and your arms. Feel the air when you’re on air and enjoy the water while you’re being dragged to surf and fly into the air with the board. A total adventure and a great way to exercise and test your skills like balancing.

I'm so game into this kind of games. I use to do this but not exactly wake boarding but biking. I race with my childhood friends and put a wood on a mount of stone and run on it to fly.I totally miss those times...

Yes, I’m overweight but I was able to get to do and experience these activities, so why not you too? Watch the video below to see me in action!

Why not grab this chance to experience an adventurous summer!? Be healthy, be fit, be in action!

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