5 Best Philippine Destinations for Holidays!

Ah… I love holidays!

It’s the times of the year where you could sit back, relax, enjoy life.
Would it be great that you could be able to celebrate your holiday in a place that you could enjoy, be pampered and have that best vacation evah!? Philippines also have these places that you can definitely enjoy and that you should surely visit. These places are recommended rated by people who have been in these places.

Now, here are the destinations that I’m talking about. Most of the Filipinos and foreigners spend their holidays in these places, and they are:

Obviously this place is the favorite of the people who have been there and also the dream place to travel of some. From beaches, party, food, social lifestyle, adventure and a lot more, Boracay Philippines have all of these. The needs and wants for a place that you could totally enjoy and at the same time, be relaxed and get pampered.  The establishments there have friendly, entertaining and accommodating staffs, to ensure that you and your family will have the best vacation in the Philippines.

On Christmas and New Year, they have fireworks that I know your kids would enjoy and look forward too. There are also other activities that happen in the island every now and then, that’s why lots of travelers and even businessmen go there.

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Taal Volcano
I have heard a lot about Tagaytay from the celebrities. A number of Filipino celebrities spend their vacation in this place and even build their rest house in this area. Tagaytay used to have this cool weather that when the sun goes down, there will be a fog in front of the open place.

Tagaytay is also famous and a well-known tourist destination in the country because of Taal Volcano. You can even go and meet and greet the volcano yourself (just kidding!), but really you can go to the volcano via boat from the center of the town in Tagaytay.

This place also have plenty of different and drooling fruits especially on January and of course you’ve got a lot of choices of place to eat and also they have some great places for you to stay at in a various type and prices.

Stawberry picking in Baguio
If you want a cold Christmas and don’t want to be under a tropical sun in your bikini, then go for Baguio. It used to be totally cold there but it’s not that cold anymore these days.  Still, Baguio is more colder than Tagaytay that when you speak there will be fogs coming out on your mouth.

Baguio even used to be the summer capital of the Philippines way before Boracay but still it’s one of the best Philippines tourist destinations. With its activities, tourist spots, bargain shopping, cool climate and the pine-laced fresh air you will surely love this place! Don’t forget to do strawberry picking and buy some strawberry jam and other strawberry products, they’re totally well-known of strawberries there. We’ll you can do this if you love strawberries.

The Queen City of the South, Cebu or Sugbo!

I’m in Cebu right now. If you want to be under the tropical sun, beach, classy hotels, party and you don’t want to be away from malls and the internet world, then why not go for Cebu Philippines?

What’s great about Cebu is that there are a lot of places you can go for. You can go for an adventurous place, classy life or just want to experience the Filipino lifestyle. Cebu has this!

I’ve been to Bohol years ago and it’s a great place! They also have their so called “MINI BORACAY” there and also if you’re into diving, they have some great diving spots too!

If you love to eat they have the floating restaurant that floats in the river of Bohol. If you love adventure well they have also bungee jumping in Danao, Bohol and try out to cross their hanging bridge. Tourist destination? They have the chocolate hills! Don’t forget to try out their famous Peanut Kisses, it’s totally delicious!

These five places are the top known destinations that Filipino or tourists love to visit during holidays. I hope you’ll find this post useful and be able to enjoy your travel to the country and your holiday!

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