Pacquiao VS Marquez 3 - Thoughts, Review & Replay

I am not a boxing analyst or expert or whatever you call it. But really, though we all love Manny I really thought that Marquez will win this fight.
After reading forums, hearing out people's thoughts and of course knowing the experts view I think Manny actually did win it's just that we expected that the fight would have a lot of strong punches that possibly one of them may knock out.

We also kind of used Manny giving us the knock out, at least even once and this fight he wasn't able to knock out Marquez. Manny even said it was hard for him to knock out Marquez because he becomes stronger and a great boxer.

Marquez was not the one who's attacking, he was just waiting for Manny to come to him and attack him and find an opening from Manny. He's the challenger and he doesn't seem to give that CHALLENGER FIGHT towards Manny. I expected that Marquez would be attacking Manny since I thought he really wants to prove he's better than Manny but he was just waiting there.

For those who missed the fight here are the REPLAY video for you:

There are a lot of people who really thought that Marquez will win this fight. Including me. I'm not an expert but I see more hard punches from Marquez but when I saw this score card, oh well maybe I haven't seen those flashy punches of Manny.

Another also came up. That it's either one or both of the fighters Manny and Marquez is stepping on each others foot so the opponent won't be able to move away and get a punch.

For me, if it's both of them doing it I guess it's just hard to aim for a knock out punch while avoiding to be punched at. They're seem to position themselves where they could easily and quickly move out when the other will counter attack them. I'm not sure though, that seems what it looked like.

What foot stopper? Here's a sample from Marquez.

So to wrap it all up I've got questions for everyone...
  • Who do you think should have win the fight? Is it really Pacquiao or it should be Marquez?
  • Is the foot stopper intended?
  • Should there be a next match? 
Share your thoughts with us! 

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