Best and Cheapest Accommodation in Cebu

In our June Q's of the month Renee of SugarStoned asked:

"'Where is the best and cheapest transient accommodation in Cebu City?"

I did reply to her question but for everyone's sake I would like to give you all a list of the best and cheapest transient accommodation here in Cebu Philippines.

Some of you may want a place to stay near the pier so you could get on the ship the next day to your next destination.

Here's a list of cheap (for me) transient accommodation that are near in the pier:

Don Alfredo D. Gothong Centre Blvd cor. Road
East North Reclamation Area Cebu City

Room Rates: Php 250-500

Sugbutel has business class, first class and premium class rooms available for you. Their style is like a cabin in a ship so you have to decide which deck you would like to take.

I've been there once to pick up a good friend of mine and their facility is okay and their comfort room is also clean. I've just seen their business class area but it's clean and quite. They have a security guard standing by the door in that floor.

3rd Avenue, North Reclamation Area
Cebu City
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Room Rates: Php 980-1,980

The Hotel Pier Cuatro have a good clean and simple facilities. The hotel is very convenient for transient passengers and also very hospitable. Their room rates already includes the Buffet Breakfast and a budget friendly hotel.

211 Mango Avenue
Cebu City
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Room Rates: Php 325-1,250

Another budget friendly place to stay. The hostel has a homey ambiance and styled in an ancestral Spanish architecture. Though it's in the heart of the city, this place is just few minutes drive away from the pier. It's in the Mango avenue and near in General Maxilom Avenue that you could just walk to dine and party at night.

Now, some of you may want a place in the heart of the city so they could have an easy access to dine, party and experience the life in Cebu City.

The following hotels are great for backpackers who wants to be in the middle of the city:

0175 Don Julio Llorente Street
Cebu City
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Room Rates: Php 895- 1,800

The Fuente Pension house is in the heart of the uptown Cebu. It is quite, has a peaceful atmosphere and safe! Malls, coffee shops, bars, restaurants, hospitals, banks, church, etc. are just a walk away from the pension house. It is around 20 minutes drive to the pier and more or less than an hour drive to the Mactan airport.

313-A Osmeña Boulevard
Cebu City
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Room Rates: Php 920-1,755

I've been to Pacific Pensionne house once to check in my sister who just did came from Australia that time. Their facilities are okay and just what you need that is around in your budget. All of their rooms are air conditioned and has a bathroom. I forgot what room my sister did booked but the comfort room is small but enough to do your thing.

Some of you may also want a place to stay that is near in the Mactan International Airport.

There are lots of hotels, inns or pension houses here but here are a few that are known:

2034 Humay-Humay Road
Lap -Lapu City

Room Rates: Php 800-1,500

This is another that I've been to, I've been here just once to see my sister and her family from UK. Axis Pension Hotel is actually near to my place. Their staff is so friendly, you can ask the staff to buy you something you need. They also have a mini restaurant and the place is just few walks away from the market, beauty salon, church, fast food restaurants and supermarket. The place is around 5-10 minutes drive to the airport.

ML Quezon National Highway
Pajo, Lapu-Lapu City

Contact Number:

Room Rates: Php 900-2,290

The Ace Pension house is just in front of the Gaisano Mactan Island Mall and about 5 minutes drive to the Airport. The pension house also offers free roundtrip airport transfers between 5:00 am to 10:00 pm. There's a Japanese restaurant at the ground floor and has an in House Dining/Coffee Shop at Roof Deck.

M.L. Quezon National Highway
Pajo Lapu-lapu City

Room Rates: Php 950-1,500

The Mactan Pension House a another place in Mactan that is budget friendly.It is also in front of the Gaisano Mactan Island Mall. They have a roof top restaurant with a great view and have their rooms fully air conditioned with WiFi. It is about 5 minutes drive to the Mactan International Airport  and around 10 minutes drive to the seaport.

That's all of the places I know that are budget friendly and great for backpackers!

I hope this will be useful to you guys and I helped you out!

If you've got some other places to suggest, I would love to hear them. Just leave it as a comment down below! Feel free to share your stay here in the Philippines!

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