Filipino Love: Wanted! Perfect Filipina Lover!

filipino love

Want some Filipino Love? Intrigued by other people having a relationship with a Filipino? How did they find each other, where, and why not you too?

The funny thing is some foreigners thought that the Filipino love can be bought. I would admit, some of my country men would let themselves be bought for some reason. Reasons like they have to feed their family, or send their siblings to school, need to pay some hospital bills, or maybe they just want to get out from their poor life.

This is the other reason why I decided to have the exotic Philippines blog. That is to give you some tips and help you out with your hunger for love heart. I don’t mean finding and matching you with a Filipina, I’m not good with that. But I would like to give you an idea of what we are.

How to find your Filipino match?

If you’re planning to try out the Filipino love then good that you check out this post. Just like others, you just find that person, she will just suddenly come to your life and make you fall in love. There are dating sites, chat and pen pals. For me, sometimes it’s just really is destiny that the two different persons meet and fall in love.

How can I make the Filipino I love, be mine

I would suggest that you get to know the person first. What she like, what she wants, what she is as a person? Don’t rush and get too hot with her.

Try courting her. A Filipino loves to be treated special, well who doesn’t? We totally love being treated like a princess, treated to be your queen but this doesn’t mean you spend and send her money. If you’re a millionaire, or let’s just say rich, don’t let her know that your that rich because if you do, you’ll be in danger. If you come and meet her, you could end up treating her whole family to eat in a restaurant. What I mean in whole family is that, that is from her grandparents to her cousin’s daughter, or maybe worst.
But let me say, there are families out there who are not like this. There are Filipinos that are not like this and do not think like this. So let’s not generalize. If your Filipino lover is not like this, that’s totally great!

I decided to come to the Philippines

If you’re coming over here to look for some Filipino love, don’t go to the bar and try each girl there. Go around! Explore the place of your choice. Yet, don’t go around and pointing out the girl you’re interested in and say “I WANT HER!” That’s a NO! NO! That’s totally scary!

A Filipina is not an item on store that you can pick up on a shelf and use it. If you want to taste a Filipino love for real, don’t do that. If you just want to have some fun, that I would hate you forever (LOL).
If you’ll come here because you two decided to meet, then that’s totally great!

Get to know her. Meet her family, her friends, and her world! Again, don’t go rushing in bed (You know what I mean). You could ask her if you want, but if she says no, then don’t. If you love her, then respect her.
It’s great to know that there are people out there who want some Filipino love. At the right time, at the right place, you could taste, feel and find the love that you’ve been longing for.

My share!

If you're really serious in wanting to have a Filipino love, then give a little respect. Just yesterday, I was hanging out in this chat room and here's this guy from Detroit saying "I'm looking for a serious relationship..." and he even wants me to confirm that I am really a Filipina. Then after that?  He told me this "you look hot and sexy... do you like sex?" If you're really serious, you won't going to say and leave that first impression to that person. 

But seriously, is that a requirement? I mean, everybody will someday do it and/or have done it, I think they just don't like it, they love it. Why? Duh! obviously they do it over and over again. Even my dog do that! My male dog cries at night because I wont let him out and he wants to have a breeding with the dog of my neighbor.

So if you're really serious, don't add sex in your requirements or let's just say your qualifications. Give some little respect guys, we may be JUST A FILIPINO in your eyes, but we're still humans. We get hurt, we feel pain and we love to be respected. 

This is all I can share for now... Good luck out there tiger!


Next on Exotic Philippines Friday! It’s a love… love… love… This Friday I’ll teach you some filipino language to make her impress and fall in love with you more…

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